Vintage(02/49) Article on Swiss Rifles-Am. Rifleman

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    A couple weeks ago, I posted that I had come into some 30's & 40's American Rifleman magazines. One has an article on the Swiss shooting tradition and a review of the K-31. It's from 1949.
    Well, i've got it on my photo page, scanned and ready to read.

    Click here to get to the page-

    Then click on one of the pictures of the article. When you get to the individual article page, a blue hypertext link that says "get the original uploaded photo" will be under the picture. Click it This will give you the original scan in full size on Netscape. IE users have one more step: they have to click on the picture to get the "resize" button to appear and this will allow them to view at full size.

    of course you could wait a day or two as BigLEE is putting the article up on but I figured you might want the scoop. Enjoy!
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