VN Memorial Needs Help

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    VN Memorial Needs Help
    Came across this and thought I’d pass it on. Think it’s well worth it…

    Calling all Vietnam era vets, your help is needed to save the Vietnam veterans national memorial, located in angel fire new Mexico. please, please read below, contact your friends via email, phone, etc. ask them to pass this information on to other vets, if just 24,000 of us sent a $10.00 donation to the memorial in angel fire, we could cover a years worth of operating expenses the center incurs each year, please help. This is our memorial, if we lose it, we'll have no one to blame but ourselves.

    Chuck Desario
    President Vietnam Survivors

    Americans Must Rally to Preserve a Vietnam Legacy.

    More than 30 years ago, a father lit an eternal flame in the chapel he built as a memorial to a son killed in the Vietnam War. Today, Americans must answer a call to keep that flame burning. The Vietnam Veterans National Memorial in Angel Fire, New Mexico, a nonprofit organization that relies heavily on public support to meet its operational needs, is in the throes of severe financial difficulties. The tragedy of September 11 and recent fires in the Los Alamos area are cited as reasons for a tremendous decrease in tourism, which affects monetary contributions from visitors to the memorial.

    For veterans and their families, it is a place of peace and healing – a sanctuary. For others, it is a place of exploration and learning – a history lesson. The simplistically styled, gull-like structure sweeps 50 feet into the sky above the Moreno Valley at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Conceived in grief over a fallen son, it is a memorial to America’s men and women who offered their lives to preserve freedom and a beacon that calls out for peace and unity in the world.

    On May 22, 1968, Marine Corps infantry officer Victor David Westphall, III was killed in Vietnam. Five days later, his father, Dr. Victor Westphall, began a family crusade to honor his son. His efforts produced the Vietnam Veterans National Memorial in Angel Fire, built for all Americans to promote understanding of the issues, politics, and sociology of the Vietnam War, and to ensure that the mistakes of the nation’s past aren’t repeated.

    The first phase of the national memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Peace and Brotherhood Chapel, was dedicated on May 22, 1971. On September 6, 1982, title to the chapel was transferred to an entity of the Disabled American Veterans. Under the financial and management auspices of DAV, a visitors center was built to house extensive displays, videos, memorabilia and research tools to portray the history of the Vietnam war. Congress recognized the memorial as a “Memorial of National Significance” on November 13, 1987, and President Ronald Reagan signed a concurring proclamation. On November 9, 1998, DAV returned the enhanced, uniquely landscaped Angel Fire complex to the David Westphall Veterans Foundation, Inc. as a gift.

    Without financial support from DAV, the memorial is entirely funded by grants, donations, and public support. In this time of national economic stress, these sources are dwindling. However, if current financial hurdles are overcome, foundation directors predict a positive outlook for the future of the memorial. Tax-exempt donations, payable to the David Westphall Veterans Foundation, Inc., can be mailed to

    Vietnam Veterans National Memorial
    P.O. Box 608
    Angel Fire, New Mexico 87710.

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    I have never heard of the Angel Fire Memorial, however for the cause of which it represents, I shall put a donation into the mail. Thanks for reprinting it Winter. Wilborn

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    Reply Re: VN Memorial Needs Help
    Can't say that I have heard of it either but I'm slippin' a check in the mail anyway! Six

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    I've been there and brothers and sisters, it IS moving. The monument was put up or pushed by a doctor who lost his son in Vietnam. The Moreno Valley is stunningly beautiful. I was taken aback by the memorial because it pointed out that others have suffered greatly from grief as well. As a gunner who lost most of his friends before the age of 21, I was trying hard to handle my own grief.
    Everyone who lost a relative in Vietnam should be given a tax deductible trip to Angelfire. It is that moving. I think it would help anyone handle their grief.
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    Re: VN Memorial Needs Help
    I'll send something out today!
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    Re: VN Memorial Needs Help
    Thanks guys!!

    You know, Mike, I've never seen it personally - YET - but I've seen numerous pics and have been told about its effects from some who've been there. It sounds like an absolutely moving experience.....

    I'm not going to try to comprehend your experiences there.... I'm only going to say that I'm glad your here with us, and I'm glad that there are places, such as Angel Fire, to help the memories of those lost stay alive.

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    Re: VN Memorial Needs Help
    If you ever find yourself in Northern NM, stop by and visit the Chapel/Memorial. I rode my bike from Phx to AngelFire
    back in the '80's. What an awe inspiring place it is, the panorama viewed from the Chapel out over the Valley and the mtns is so grand it'll choke you up.
    At that time, Dr Westphall still was living on the grounds, and did his best to greet each and every vet that showed. If any of you are passing thru the area, you won't be sorry you dropped by.


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