voter fraud/redistricting=BIG TROUBLE?

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    Mar 19, 2009
    Check out the 04 presidential election hearing. Edgar Clinton...somethin(NASA computer programmer) says he wrote a program that flips votes, asked if he thought it was used in ohio he says yes.(Freedom to fascism) what happens if you have to vote in an electronic machine that ensures your vote will be for da fuhrer? we the....slaves...

    *Watch the first 5 minutes of this film, you will be riveted!! (2hrs)*
    *Is there a law that we have to pay income tax? WE THE PEOPLE offered a $50,000.00 reward(7/04) to anyone that could produce the law that requires U.S. citizens to pay income tax.* *3.5 hrs Money masters (explains how the Fed, & private bankers have engineered every recession, & how they gain the wealth of a nation)*

    Does it seem plausible that the powers that be want to tick people off to the point of unrest so that they can bring the hammer down?