VZ-24 Accuracy Problems

Discussion in 'Technical Questions & Information' started by CountryGunsmith, Feb 24, 2003.

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    Bought a VZ-24 8mm Mauser that is very inaccurate. It has deep rifling groves compared to my M48A Yugo, but the bore is finely pitted and rough.

    Can it be rebored, is that common or inexpensive, or should I just buy another barrel for 70$ and have the head spacing set for another 15$. 'Course, then I might as well mount a scope on it and get a fancy stock.

    I've also heard that you can cut some off the end of the barrel to get better accuracy, how much would have to be taken off? There's only about 1/2" in front of the site, would removing 3/8's an inch do any good, or does the front site have to be moved back also?

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    everything depends on your budget and desires you can get a surplus barrel in a few different calibers and keep it looking original for a reasonable amount of money or if you elect to customize $$????

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    Might want to try one of them firelapping kits. Heard that they work well on surplus rough barrels. swede
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    You wouldn't necessarily need to cut the barrel - just recrown it. That will make a difference in accuracy. As for the bore, I'd try WyomingSwede's suggestion and get a firelapping kit.

    I'm not sure what the difference is between the VZ-24 and the Turk 8mm barrels, but you can buy a good condition Turk barrel for $10 from Federal Arms Corp. I can't believe a VZ-24 barrel could be that much more. Heck, for that much money, you can just buy another VZ-24!

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    I was thinking of just off'ing it, but I'v grown attached. I'ts sexier than that utilitarian Yugo with it's stamped metal parts, and has more history. What I should do is take the good barrel off my M48A and put it on the Czech Mauser, then put a 30-06 on the Yugo that has the bent bolt! Sport the newer Yugo, and keep the VZ-24 mostly original with the iron sights and rustic furniture.

    In the mean time, I might experiment with some inexpensive remedies.

    Thanks for the feedback.