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About two years ago I purchased a Pre-War Walther PP in .22 LR. It had only one small flaw which wasn't obvious when I bought it. Some one had milled out the underside of the slide just in front of the chamber and had actually cut thru the top of the slide.

And not being a collector, shot the H E double hockey sticks out of it. I now have a slide with about a half inch piece missing. Have searched the net looking for a replacement slide to no avail. Did also own a PPK/s in 22 and the slide did fit and worked. Searched for a PPK/s slide to no avail.

Also tried the slide from my FEG SMC .22 and it comes very close. I'm guessing that with a bit of file work It could be made to work. Searched and no FEG SMC slides.

Did find a slide for an ERMA RX .22 LR - these were made by Erma, Excam and American Arms and are alomst the same size. Owned about five of them. Problem Is I've slold all and have no way of testing to see if the Erma slide would fit the PP.

Does anyone out there have both a Walther PP/PPK/s in 22 and an Erma RX 22 that would be willing to see if the slides will match up or am I whistling in the breeze
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