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Walther PP 7.65mm

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I have a Walther PP 7.65mm that was brought back from WWII. "Eagle N" proof marks are located on the slide and above the slide on the ejection port. Has another Eagle proof mark at the end of the barrel (can be seen when you pull back the slide) with eagle standing on a swastika. Some blueing wear beyond the ejection port and near the end of the barrel appears to be from holster wear. No rust on blueing and barrel is shiny with strong rifling. Serial No. 177055 P. Have 2 magainzes and a black leather flap holster which has a holder for the extra magazine. What is this gun with accessories worth?


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Walther PPs like your can be quite valuable, but condition matters a lot, so to give you anything better than uselessly broad ballpark estimate, you need to put pictures up.

It sounds like a nice piece though, and collectors like to get original holsters with them.
According to my source, that gun was made in 1940.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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