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(6/2/02 8:30:56 pm)
Reply | Edit | Del All Walther PP Nazi Proof Marks - Import Marks??
In fairness to all I did ask this question on another board but I received only one response

I am now ready to purchase my Walther PP .32 ACP pistol and there are quite a few to choose from.

My purpose is just to own a .32 and shoot occasionally and I wonder if I should pay a premium for a pistol that has no importer marks on it? Should I pay the premium for a WWll era Nazi proof mark or is a later manfacture preferable given wartime conditions.

Again, I am not a collector of Walthers and have other handguns to shoot but I do want a .32 made by Walther.

Any opinions or advice will be greatly appreciated

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(6/2/02 9:15:02 pm)
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Re: Walther PP Nazi Proof Marks - Import Marks??
If you are looking for a collector Walther, you need to find either pre-war or early war vintage. These pistols will have slides marked "Zella-Mehlis", where Walthers were made until 1945. Later war guns with have correspondingly rougher finishes and are generally not as desireable unless they have rare issue markings.

For a shooter, ANY Walther would do nicely including those with Manurhin and/or Interarms markings.

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