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I have a 1940's era Walther PPK that I'd like to ask the Pros about. Hoping to dig up more information on this piece than what is already in this post and if someone wants to throw in a value, that would be even better, although this PPK is never going to leave the family.

Here's what I can tell of you of the piece:

Legend: Walther-Banner
Waffenfabrik Walther Zella Mehlis (Thür)
Walther's Patent Cal 7,65 m/m
Mod. PPK
Finish: High polished Finish, blued
Grips: One piece checkered Bakelit with Walther-banner, brown. Not cracked and in really great shape, if original grips.

Serial number: 6-digits number with suffix "K" on the right side of the frame. 308189K. No serial numbers on or inside of slide. No serial numbers on the tip of the slide/receiver/barrel. Anyone tell me what year this was made?

Acceptance stamp: Eagle over swashtika with C on the left side of the frame below the magazine release. This would indicate to me that this is more than likely a Police Model PPK, correct?

Test proof stamp:Eagle over N on the tip of the tip of the barrel and on the right side of the barrel chamber. Eagle over N stamps on the right side of the slide, just below the marking on the chamber.

Finish is good with some minor scratches. Some holster wear on the front of the slide around the barrel. Some minor scratching on the underside of the receiver near the tip of the gun.

I stripped this pistol down to every last piece, cleaned and reassembled. No rust, corrosion, or damage to any of the springs/parts. Inside of barrel is clean and not pitted. Seems to be really happy after a good hard deep cleaning.

Two matte black magazines, stamped with the Walther manufacturer stamp, but no serial numbers.

Unfortunately, the holster for this PPK can not be found at this point in time.

Images are attached. Any information from the experts would greatly be appreciated.



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I'm not a expert but it would seem that it was for the police. I would go to the P38 and PP forum for all you need.
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