Walther PPQ range report (pics)

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    A couple of weeks ago I posted a thread that I was purchasing a 9mm for my wife and could not decide between the fnp9 or the walther ppq. My wife chose the Walther due to the ergonomics of the handle. I just shot it yesterday.

    First of all, the wife put a hogue sleeve over the handle. The handgun comes with two magazines and a rapid loader. I did a couple of 5 shot drills at 3,7,10,15 and 25 yds. The trigger acts like a two stage and breaks rather crisply at approximately 5 1/2 lbs. A few rounds got away from me as I was not expecting the trigger to be so light. Not bad at all for a factory trigger. Recoil was crisp not like my 1911's Il'm accustomed to. Field stripping is extremely easy, 4 little parts.

    I had to get used to the magazine release which is in the trigger guard but after changing the mags a couple of time it becomes 2nd nature and easily reached with the index finger. The gun is totally ambidextrous which is great for me as I am a lefty. I normally do not favor plastic guns but I am a convert with the Walther. Would be nice if they made this in a 45 cal.

    Would like some recommendations on a holster for this handgun from those who own one. Thanks for your suggestions in helping me and the little lady decide on this hand gun. Now the pictures as promised. The shoot N C is 25 at yds.

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