Walther pre war PP ??

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    Any info on a Walther PP .32 I found? #2181xx P, marked on r side below eject port with small eagle and either 1A or 14, same mk. directly above on bbl. On l of slide, Waffenfabrik Walther, Zella-Mehlis (Thur) Mod. PP and Walther name in banner with Walthers Patent Cal. 7.65 m/m, dark brown grips with Walther banner. Mag. marked with Walther banner and PP 7.65 m/m, no other markings found. Perfect mechanically, maybe 85% finish (mostly apparent holster wear). Curious note* This thing will shoot perfectly with any ammo but Federal! No matter how old or grundgy, but it will jam consistently on Federal (headstamp FC) ??
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    Feb 22, 2004
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    The small eagle should be a Eagle over an N which became the standard German proof mark in 1940, Previous mark was a Crown over a N. Your gun was made in 1940/1941. With no other markings, it is a commercial gun sold to the public, it was not military issue. The Walther PP is a fine well made gun but it has its quirks. It is not unusual for an automatic pistol to dislike a certain brand of ammo, I think it's voodoo or black magic. The prices for everything WWII has gone up so much in the last couple of years I will not even try and guess-a-mate the value. Someone else can have that pleasure:D Pictures would be a great help in making sure the information I've given is correct.

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