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Hello everyone,

I am considering purchasing a Walther SSP, but I don't know if going for a second-hand third generation SSP for around $1000-1200, or a brand new fifth generation SSP for $1900-2200. I have translated prices to dollars, as here in my country is impossible to find cheaper ones.

I'm concerned because I've heard people complaining about interruptions and failures in the "first generations". Supposedly in the second generation they solved many problems from the first, but I don't know if there are still bugs in the third generation (or even later gens), and in that case it would be better to buy a new fifth generation.

Does anyone know how can I get the release date of each generation of the SSP model? I searched without luck. I would like to know the differences between generations, so, I can evaluate carefully the advantages of expending twice the price.

What would you do?
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