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M Opaliski
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(1/27/02 11:47:22 pm)
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Walther TPH
I'm looking for pricing trends if available for a pair of Walther TPH .22LR pistols. Both are around 95-98%, one is Blue, one Stainless. Both have boxes, 2 mags and paperwork, made in Germany. I see that one sold recently on GB for around $735, is that normal?

Thanks ...
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(1/28/02 7:55:08 am)
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Hiya' "M"... I have been watching the pricing trends on the tph. They seem to have become more desirable, possibly to them being few and far between.
Personally, I don't think the $700.00+ price reflects a reasonable counter sale. IMHO

Then I think a $500.00 Seecamp is rediculous

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(1/28/02 9:15:13 am)
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Re: Walther TPH
I would think $600 is more realistic for the TPH. I imagine my friends at Collectors Firearms were very pleased with the outcome of that auction. Their reserve was $625.

The Seecamp enjoyed an artificially inflated market with deleberate production backlogs. The introduction of the Kel-Tec and the NAA Guardian have changed that somewhat.
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