Wandering 223Rem C Z

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  1. wally bennett

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    Mar 17, 2012
    wrexham North Wales UK
    A friend of mine bought a 223Rem top of the range C Z .
    From new it was a grouper even when shooting it in ( shoot one then clean method ) it was sub 1 " when we got to the shoot 3 and clean time but then started to move left by 1.1/2" at 60yds ( our zero place lifts by 1" mid trajectory and back on zero at 175yds) and when we adjusted the windage right by the same ammount after a few shots it moved to the right by same ammount so we adjusted left to get it back on zero.
    We have sent it back to first the supplier then the importer who both said it was ok.
    We have tried different ammo a different moderator ( x2 ) changed the S+B scope for Zeiss had it shot by 4 different shooters had no end of shooters check that the barrel is still floating and the action screws are tight there is no movement of the action and barrel in the Kevlar stock.
    We have now sused the problem any time the barrel is cleaned either lightly or realy cleaned then next time out the gun shoots a three shot ragged hole 1.1/2" to the left at 60 yds then the next 9 shots move right back to the centre with the last one where it should be and untill the gun is cleaned it dont move from zero.
    Now what is the use of a fox gun that takes that many shots to get on target cause any fox that stayes around that long is already dead.
    That 1.1/2" at 60yds is 3" at 120yds" and 6" at 240yds and this gun is capable of fox busting at 350yds or more.
    The supplier says you must clean it or invalidate the 3 year guarentee. so any advice is welcome.
    This is a brand new varmintor top of the range model in a Kelvar stock and cost £1,000 plus £800 for the Zeiss scope plus £200 for rings and bases plus £259 for the moderator.
    I think he has been had good style
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    May 20, 2012
    mountains of wv.
    i have an old mossberg22 lr that i never clean for the same reason.
    i might drag a brush through one or two times dry then a dry patch and that is it
    it will not hold zero when it is clean:confused: