Wanna know what its like with Islamic neighbours , only islamics?

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    this from a city news paper in Germany

    nice place i stopped through there once

    apparently now its 80% islamic from all over , mainly turkey

    and they are all hard liners

    use google if you can and use its built in translator , its ok for german


    Bocholt: Two unidentified Turks (about 18yo) stop 18yo youngster on the street and start beating him up with no apparent reason. His iPod is missing now. But that could not possibly be the reason, or can it? Police say they are clueless.


    Mother (38) stabs own son (18) to death in fight over him moving out of the apartment. She was sick of her own son, he loved to live the life of a pasha and had his mother and two sisters (17, 7) serve him. She is described as a hard working woman who did everything to get her kids through, worked as a kitchen helper and toilet cleaner.


    47yo Turk tries to kill his 77yo uncle with a knife and fails only because his own son (20) stepped in to rescue the old man. Preventively they put him in a psychiatric clinic for we all know they are all crazy. The old man will survive but is seriously injured. It is unknown if the uncle attempted to rape his nephew or announced he would convert to Christianity.


    Eyyup Ö. (28) is the head of a gang of five. With his 74 registered crimes he is well integrated in his criminal milieu. In this story they revenged for the disturbance of a house search by the police: they set nine cars on fire.


    35yo Turk picks up a hooker and brings her to his appartment. Once they arived there he suddenly snaps, pulls out a knife and brutally beats up the petite woman so that both bones in one lower leg are broken. Neighbours called the police who rescue the woman.

    not bad eh ...

    so who wants this in ya neighbourhood?
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    "nobody's tough as Jack"
    "nobody's tough as Jack":p
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