Want to buy or trade for a Herter O press

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  1. Gunguy

    Gunguy Guest

    Greetings all. I wish to let it be known that I am in need of a discontinued Herter's O press that was last sold around the 70s or early 80s.

    It will be a used item and condition is not important as long as it functions...don't care about paint or nicks or dents...but do care about rusted out crap, that's a no no.

    Here's a picture of one...but they don't come in red, someone painted this one red. Factory color is some kind of matte gray I think.

    Please let me know if you have one of these as a door stop or whatever...I need it for swaging lead bullets.

    answer with posting and I will get ahold of you forthwith.



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  2. Gunguy

    Gunguy Guest

    Now have this press mounted on my reloading desk, it has the best leverage and ease of swaging bullets I've ever seen with its 1 1/2 inch ram piston.

    First thing I did was put that damn handle in my mini-lathe and stripped off the godawful red paint someone put on it. Spun the shaft with some sandpaper then crokkus clothe until shinney, then dabbed on some Gunslick Gun Blue and a little steel wool and topped off with a coat of oil. Now it looks like it origianally did.

    Really like the way Herter uses two set hex screws to lock on the shell holder to the ram head...strong.

    The Herter Super O Maximum press has superior quality in its toggle linkage leverage compared to anything made today in reloading presses such as LYMAN, RCBS, LEE, or HORNADY.

    When it comes to swaging bullets Herter's is superior. I know I've tried them all.

    I wish the Herter Line would become reestablished on the reloading market, they went out of business back in the early eighties I think...too bad, they were the best.


    PS Is anyone out there reading this shit?
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  3. Cow Caregiver

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    Mar 26, 2003
    Herter's presses

    These and the Lachmiller were the Cadillac and Lincoln of the press line. Herter's is gone for keeps, I am afraid, although somebody tried to bring it back a couple of years ago. I have built a couple of presses myself, and they are even more massive than the Herter's O. They have multiple uses, like swaging on fittings for hydraulic hoses, in addition to making up projectiles and case forming. If I ever get a digital camera, I will take pictures and post.
  4. Gunguy

    Gunguy Guest

    CC, thanks for writing on this subject. Beginning to think no one was interested in quality presses or swaging bullets any more.

    Your thoughts on phematic or hydrallic hoses has been something I've been turning over in my mind's thoughts.

    Got to be something better than banging the hell out of the ejector knob on the core seat rod with a hammer to get the lead bullet to fall out of the swaging die.

    That sounds good if your are a certified mech that has access to equipment doing all that, but it would seem cost prohibited to myself...so, will try to invent a small lever knob affair that will ram the bullet out of the swaging die much like ramming it into the die.

    This would be a device that attaches to the 7/8X14 frame die hole and die would insert through it into the press frame.

    The only problem with this idea is there going to be enough leverage in such a small divice like this to have enough strength to eject the swaged lead bullet. Said bullet is under a lot of pressure when rammed up into that swaging die.

    Cow Caregiver please send some pictures of any devices you come up with on this little problem.



  5. Gunguy

    Gunguy Guest

    Man, I can't help myself buying old Herter's presses on ebay.

    Got this one that looks like new for $36, has extra shellholders too.

    A guy bought one of these the other day on ebay for $87, he should have waited and got this one...his didn't look near as good as this one.


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