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(11/14/01 1:54:04 am)
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I am looking at getting my son his first shotgun. I want to get a youth model but would be interested in some opinions. He is 8 years old, right at 5 foot tall and 116 lbs. Is a 20ga too much. I say no but am unsure as I never was around shotguns til I was 16. I have my greatgrandpa's 410 that I am going to let him use but I want him to have his own. I cannot seem to find any youth models for under $220 (it is a Remington), which seems high, is it? I am not partial to any one brand.

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(11/14/01 6:42:55 am)
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Try Mossberg, they may have what you are looking for altho u may not want to go with a slide action. The gun shows u can usually find a nice single shot (used) for $50 give or take a few$. Safety first an good luck!

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(11/14/01 7:09:35 am)
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Sounds like something a Great Dad would do.
Obviously saftey 1st.
Secondly... It certainly would be nice to have a sparkleing new gem (I still have my 1st, a savage 20ga/22 over and under) matter what it is... I'm sure he will cherish it.
Why not find a nice ole beater... you and your son refinish it.
The memories will last forever!

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(11/14/01 7:39:54 am)
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Thanks for the ideas, sounds like a good project. One I am know contemplating.

Mossbergs, I kinda got a soft spot for. My first shotgun was a model 500A, still got it and its mint, not original, but mint. Slipped in a feed bunk, cracked the stock and didn't know it. Went out behind the coop and after about 50 rounds the stock shall we say disappeared. Sent it to Mossberg and they fixed it no questions asked.

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(11/14/01 7:55:28 am)
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Remington 1100 youth, with a 22" or 24" VR barrel. Very sweet and has some good reach too for a short barreled gun. I use one down at the river in late season when everything is gun shy. Fast handling like an upland gun and very light with low recoil. There more than 220.00 though. Remember a pump or single is going to kick more. LTS
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(11/14/01 9:27:01 am)
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Let me tell you MY experience with my 9 year old...

First the BEST is a 20 Semiauto, BUT pricey....DON'T get a youth model, even more expensive, and they out grow it quick!

Get a standard model and at the same time, buy an extra butt stock and put it away.

Second, take off the buttplate, and drill two 3/8" or 1/2" holes in the end through at least 4 " of the stock.

Then with a really FINE bandsaw, (I used a hacksaw) cut two 1 " sections out of the rear of the stock, and put away for future use.

Fit a Rubber butt plate to the shorter stock, use a slip on with tape, if you have to, it's tough finding one small enough, and you can reuse it.

Then plug the ENTIRE magazine, so it's only a single shot.(use a large dowel rod inside the spring, depending on the model, you might have to leave it a little shorter so as to not affect the action, use tape around it to keep it from sliding around too much or "rattling.")

The Semi-auto gives the lightest kick, but the single shot makes him make the shot count, and get's him used to working the action, etc.

Then as he grows, you "grow" the stock with him, adding a section at a time (They grow fast, don't be surprised if you add the first section next year!)

Use dowel rods to position the stock section in the predrilled holes, and SCREW the first section on only. Then in a few years, add the second section.

Then when they are in their teens, when they are ready, take the gun away, put the new stock on it, refinish it if needed, and pull out the plug, and PRESTO! instant Christmas present, and it's the SAME gun, so no new safeties, controls. etc to learn when they are in the terrible teens and think Dad is pretty stupid and they don't listen to you (temporarily) any more.

Too many people (like my dad) start kids on a single, then buy them a pump when they hit 16 or so, and the fumbling for safeties, etc in the field is a little scary.

NOW...having said that....I was unemployed at the time, and could not afford a semi... SOOOooo...I did it with a USED $50 H&R Topper.

He was shooting deer slugs at 9 years old, could keep them in a pie plate at 25 yds, made it a rule if he could do that he could hunt deer with me that year, and he worked his @ss off that summer, bugging me to go to the range...he was good for about 10 slugs a session before he was burnt out each time, (a 20 ga slug from a fixed breech recoils like an 06!) but the fitted stock made it better than when I was a kid and learned with slugs from a too big Savage 220 12ga!

I built him a 2X4 stand, blazed trees around his stand at 25 yds, and told him not to shoot unless the deer was within...

First year he saw no deer, second he saw 27, but none within, some close, no shots, third year he missed a button buck, but then I bought him a CVA percussion .50cal carbine kit that we put together that xmas, and he finished the way he wanted it, shot all summer...(LOTS less kick than the 20, and he got his first buck with it at 13...a running spike at 40 yds...)

Now the ML is "His" deer gun, all season.

BUT he still has the 20, and plans to teach his kids with it.

And he is SAFER than I am in the woods now! Starting them at 8 or 9 is GREAT...they LOVE Dad at that age and LISTEN to him about safety and sportsmanship...if you wait til 14 or so, or when MOM thinks they are ready, it's too late, they already think they know more than Dad on alot of things....but they grow out of that (hopefully) in about 10 years or so....
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(11/14/01 9:32:21 am)
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twins - if things get to pricey let me know - got a single shot 20 gauge youth model (by the way fits me fine too).

Give it to you cheap (you got to pay the shipping and boxing fee and have a FFL for me to send it to).

V.I.P. Member
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(11/14/01 12:00:42 pm)
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Polish is right on the money.

Certainly a full size 20 auto is the way to go (if you can afford it) from a recoil standpoint. It serves many purposes - like later in life he can teach his children with it, or his wife may take to it quite nicely...... it will be in his family pretty much forever.

Downside of pumps is the youngster's reach might not be long enough to work the action without dismounting the gun (that's the problem my 4' 11" wife has). Plus, the recoil is quite a bit more.

Advantage of a single is just that - one shot, better make it count. But again, the recoil. Biggest advantage here is the price.

Polish's answer seems to be the very best possible solution, and in the long run, it can save a few bucks. Face it, sooner or later he's going to want something "more" than a single. And, kids seem to outgrow EVERYTHING way too fast, so the full size that has been cut down is an awesome soution to that concern.

By the way, I bought myself a used Mossberg 500 20 or 21 years ago. Now it's showing the wear, but I take it faithfuly into the deer woods every year, and it has never disappointed me. It would be difficult to count the deer, rabbits, squirrels, ducks, and whatever else it's bagged for me throughout the years.

Sincerely wishing you and him many happy hunts together !!!


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(11/14/01 1:40:30 pm)
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I too like what Polish recomends, but why not get the lad a street sweeper with the rotorary drum and be done with it. He can help out when the poop hits the fan.


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(11/14/01 3:20:53 pm)
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Re: Wanted..suggestions
Take your son to a good gun show and let him look, feel various shotguns,
and talk with different people about the type of shotgun he should or would consider.
Point of sale is a memory added to such a special occasion
I'm sure your son won't long forget such an event!
Your son is a fortunate fellow too.
Charlie D
Safety lessons are just
icing on the cake!

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(11/14/01 4:10:14 pm)
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Thanks for all of the super suggestions. Decisions, decisions, decisions..... I am considering them all. Thanks for the offer T, I will definitely keep that in mind. (Never hurts to get an arsenal built up for......the kids, yeah thats the ticket, the kids.)

Polish, Thanks for the detailed ideas, that is something I know he would love. He has watched me clean and shoot from the time he was toddler.

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(11/14/01 7:50:26 pm)
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Holly Tamolly!What the ell are you feedin the lad?!

Man,I met you and I can see where the kid gets it.

I was 6' when I was 11.
5' when 8?

I don't know if they have insurance for teenagers and the amount of food they eat,but if they
do I would invest NOW before it's to late.
Forget a college fund,better start a food fund.

With this kids size a 20 would be nice,I even today love my 20's.

You also can't go wrong with a 410 or 28,great later as rabbit or squirrel guns.
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