Wanted to say Thank you Sportsman Wheels

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    Aug 29, 2008
    In the USA , VA
    Just wanted to say to the people that are involed with the Wheeling Sportsman and Turkey Federation Thank you . Some of us do not get the oppertunity to get invited to these different hunts and outdoors advents . I was not a sevice connected injury . But I love the outdoors I was a avid hunter before my accident and i choose to continue .I have been blessed with great friends that care and that are at the top of their game . I will say this I've got a great inspiring wife of 22 years this 21st and I've had or have a handful of caring friends that have gone out of their way to provide the way for to to enjoy the thing that i once charished so much . Thank you
    Wheeling Sportsman ,Turkey Federation ,Ducks Unlimited and my close friends you have made a difference and made my life more enjoyable.
    Thank you,
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