War on Terrorists - your opinion please

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by 1952Sniper, Mar 6, 2003.

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    Reply War on Terrorists - your opinion please
    How would famous military leaders deal with terrorists issues of today? Go back as far as you like in history to answer this.
    Here are a few points to ponder.
    National security or lack thereof
    Nature and effectiveness of "Cell" groups of terrorists
    Information gathering
    Threat reduction

    I look forward to your debate.

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    Re: War on Terrorists - your opinion please
    Interesting question ISB!

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    Reply Re: War on Terrorists - your opinion please
    Okay, probably dangerous but here goes.

    The issue of terrorism is fundamentally different than war in the past. In the past, we were looking at Nation State to Nation State or internal revolutionaries trying to over throw a government. In both cases it was relatively easy to identify which side was which. They wore different uniforms and even in the cases of revolution, the sides usually established a line of communications to establish identity and responsibility.

    Today's terrorist threat is totally different. For one, there is NO single goal or objective. There's no single organization. There is no area of geographically defined spheres of influence. the closest comparisions I've found have been the Anarchists or the early 20th century and the current Crime organizations. The terrorist organizations, and there are hundreds of them, are loosely organized and located in most major Westerrn Nations, the US, France, Canada, Australia, Germany, England, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil... as well as the Middle East, Asia, Indoneasia, Eastern Europe.

    IMHO we will never stop terrorism but we should be able to keep it within limits such that it seldom reaches Nation Threatening levels. It will be an effort more like fighting Crime than a War. You don't win when fighting crime, you simply keep it at tolerable levels. And that is where I believe we are not concentrating at this time. We are still approaching the War on Terrorism as though it were another Nation State Conflict.

    If we invade and occupy IRAQ, will anything change? IMHO, not much will change in terms of benefits and it may well increase the number of people who join the terrorist groups. The Knowledge [/b] that exists will still be there. In fact it's likely that any existing WMDs will simply be moved elsewhere. The communications system that terrorist rely on will still exist and we are way to dependent on it to risk destroying it simply to handicapp terrorists. the transportation system will still exist and as with communications, we can't do much there without causing more damage that the terrorists.

    I do believe that there ARE steps we can take, if we have the strength and the will. We will have to find a way to identify who should be in the US. That will be essential and we will never get control of our borders without that. We will have to build better intellegence networks. We will have to figure a better way to inspect what is in the containers that cross our borders daily, particularly the air cargo containers that pass overhead. And we have to do all of that without destroying our Constitution. We will have to find a way to disrupt the financial base the terrorists rely on. The best way to take a big chunck out is to legalize, federalize, nationalize and subsidize drugs. Give them away, free. Finally, we will have to find a way to remove where possible those key issues that drive terrorists. This will be the most difficult of all and will take decades if not
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