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    For those that were interested in the statistics re; age/race/rank/etc of those killed in Vietnam, here is a link that does a good breakdown. If this has already been posted, please excuse.

    This is interesting,,a list of killed; non US residents

    Here is the main index page for a by name, by state listings

    scroll down to find the state you want, ie; waallist.html is Washington state.

    Again, I hope this is not repettative

    Stan H,, nighthawk

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    Excellent site. I just used it the other day to show a guy that most of those killed in Vietnam were not selective service.

    By the way, am I correct that if you volunteered for the draft, you still got a US service number prefix as opposed to RA and that you were still classified as being inducted?

    Also, if you volunteered for the draft, didn't you do it with the draft board and not the branch, i.e. Army?

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    Jim...I volunteerd in May 70...the Lotto # was #51 for my DOB. I volunteerd for the Draft and received RA status as I remember it. Went down to Ft Holabird arm and arm (handcuffed) to a Sheriff and with my Probation Officer. Talked to the recruiter (ARMY) and got a two year hitch, tested and chose RTO/RTT sorta talked into it by the recruiter...said I had good communication skills...and said
    I'd love it. The two year hitched blew my PO away...I remember him trying to make it three years and threatening me to nix the deal so he could violate me for another charge I had gotten some stiff time for. I had the system somewhat down since my Mom had gotten Congressman Long ( the only Democrat I ever liked) ( just kiddin!...theres been three others)...anyways I was RA.

    Latter after Basic at FT Dix followed by Radio school ( Morse), I was sent to Ft Gordon for the second phase with the RTT training. Never got to first...a review of the documents showed my record and negated a Secret Clearance.

    Not knowing what to do...this Captain was fumin!!! Hehe!!! I didn't care. So they dent me to Switch Board school for a couple of weeks till my orders came down for the Nam.

    Much more than you had posted...but there it is.
    Two yrs...RA.

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    Re: RA / US
    I got my draft notice (1965) but was able to sign up for flight school and went as a RA..............it helped that I knew the recruiter possibly. Then again, there wasn't as much of a demand in 1965 I don't think.

    As a side note.......as gruesome as the statistic are, they do help in keeping stories straight and correct. A guy I know told me his brother was killed in VN .......looked up on the stats and found no one by the last name from this state........I suppose he could have been a half brother with another name or else the guy's pulling my leg.......I'm going to find out the details. Guess it goes along with the wannabe thing but then again why would someone say such a thing if it weren't true????? Who knows!

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