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    From: "BADF Disabled Services" <dsullivan@buckmasters.com>
    Subject: Washington Deer Hunt Offered

    Joe Godfrey of Northwest Guide Service in Spokane, WA has donated a rifle hunt for whitetail deer. The hunt will take place near Seattle and Republic, WA on 10/15-10/16. The hunt will be for one doe and/or buck. Hunters must have a hunter safety card and will be responsible for their travel costs including transportation, lodging and meals. Accessible lodging is available in the area. The cost of the hunting license will also be the responsibility of the hunter.

    A resident disabled veteran and a youth 15 or younger may purchase a license for $19.71. Non-residents licenses are $394.20. Residents license are $39.42.

    If you are serious about attending this hunt and you know that you can attend on those dates please complete the application below and e-mail it to wadeerhunt@yahoo.com.

    1. Name

    2. Complete Address with Zip Code

    3. Phone Number

    4. Email Address

    5. Age

    6. Type Disability/Illness

    7. Are you in a wheelchair, if yes, is it manual or electric?

    8. How many deer have you taken since disabled/ill?

    9. How long have you been disabled/ill?

    10. Would you need to bring an attendant to the hunt?

    11. What kind of vehicle would you drive to the hunt, or would you fly?

    12. Do you understand that you pay the cost of the your travel, meals and lodging?

    Mike Schmitz
    Hunt Coordinator, Disabled Hunter Services
    Buckmasters American Deer Foundation

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