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...yesterday. Learned knives are just tools. Learned a ton about blades and blade design. Learned quite a bit about selecting the right blade style for personal protection {pp} and for use as work knife. Learned about survival and RAMBO knives.

Learned I was wrong about my choice for pp and need to remedy that.

I carry a knife for two reasons:
1) Work - it's a tool to be used regularly for cutting rope, skinning wire, opening boxes, sometimes a screwdriver and on occasion a small pry bar, cutting painted access panels open...It's a tool.
2) Personal Defense - It's a tool when my handgun is not practical or not the right tool for the job.

While my work tool can be used for pp, it's not designed for it and is kind of like bringing a BB gun to a gunfight. It's better than nothing for sure.

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