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    May 9 Neal Knox Update -- Incredibly, yesterday Bush Press
    Secretary Ari Fleischer confirmed that the President endorses
    reenactment of the so-called "assault weapon" and over-10-shot
    magazine ban.

    The cheering you hear comes only from the people who have done
    and will do everything they can to prevent the George W. Bush from
    being President -- people like Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Charles

    Yesterday, those two, four other Democrats and a lone
    Republican, Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, introduced a bill to
    reenact the law. As of this morning they hadn't received a bill number.

    Also yesterday, Ranking Judiciary Committee Democrat John
    Conyers and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy introduced a bill to both extend
    and expand the law. It's H.R. 2038, but I haven't yet seen a copy.
    That bill, too, has drawn one Republican, Rep. Chris Shays of

    Stuart Roy, spokesman for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay said
    the House bill has "zero chance," and that while the Senate
    might amend a must-pass House-passed bill, that strategy is "just
    about on the verge of being impossible."

    I'd be more comforted if I hadn't seen that tactic create other gun

    The big question -- as Schumer said -- is how much the
    President will do to pass the ban law, instead of just saying he
    supports it.

    NRA E.V.P. Wayne LaPierre said the organization will attempt
    to prevent the President from having the opportunity to sign it.

    Bush and his Political Strategist Karl Rove are wrong if they
    think it's "smart politics" to say he supports the law -- theoretically
    pleasing suburban "soccer moms" -- while giving lip service to
    passing it, and counting on Congress to kill it.

    Rove is a protege of the late Lee Atwater, Chairman of the
    Republican National Committee when Presidential Papa George H.W.
    Bush lost his second term, and who infamously said "Where else do
    gun owners have to go."

    As I've said before, in 1992 they either went for Ross Perot
    or back to the party that their unions had always supported.

    At the very least, Bush 43, will have diminished the ardor of
    those he will need to get elected in 2004.

    As NRA Director, Americans for Tax Reform President and Bush
    confidant Grover Norquist said last month, White House support for
    the gun ban reenactment is "Lousy politics."


    Both sides in the NAACP lawsuit against the gun industry made
    closing arguments this week, with both sides confident that
    Brooklyn Federal District Judge Jack Weinstein would kick the
    industry in the teeth.

    I talked with National Shooting Sports Foundation counsel
    Larry Keane and Ruger General Counsel Steve Sanetti about the case
    at the Orlando NRA meetings.

    They called the case an exact replay of the same plaintiff's
    lawyer before the same judge with the same false allegations and
    the same "expert witnesses" as in the 1999 Hamilton case. And
    they expect the same results -- a decision for the plaintiffs which
    would again be overturned by a unanimous appellate decision, same
    as last time.

    By the way, on Tuesday Steve, who has been with Sturm, Ruger
    & Co. more than 20 years, was named President and chief operating
    officer of the firm.


    Wendy McElroy of Fox News this week helped Second Amendment
    Sisters take a well-deserved swing at NBC's "America's Most Wanted"
    and host John Walsh.

    Maria Heil and two other Sisters were ambushed on the show after
    being assured that it wouldn't be a debate, only an opportunity for
    them to explain their views. Maria, who is quite capable and ready
    to handle a setup, writes about it in an piece called "Liar, Liar"

    A Million Misinformed Mommy who "accidentally" was in the
    audience to challenge the trio was immediately identified on a

    The other "gun owner" on their panel, Sylvia, claimed Maria
    was a criminal because she owned a gun; a Marie Claire magazine
    article featuring her said she carried 24/7 when back in Compton,
    Calif., where she had been a gang-banger.

    But the article also reported she served three years for
    attempted murder. So she couldn't legally own, or even have one
    holstered as in the magazine photo.

    Walsh quoted and even distorted Brady Bunch statistics. He
    said "nine kids a day die in gun accidents in the home" -- which
    wouldn't be true even if you count "kids" as those under 24 who
    both commit both suicide and die in street shootouts.

    Maria says a PBS piece "Guns and Mothers," scheduled to air
    next week, is pretty well balanced.


    NRA has asked for a stay on a three-judge D.C. panel's ruling
    that the prohibition against broadcast issue ads purchased with
    member money is constitutional. That part of the McCain-Feingold
    Campaign Finance "Reform" Act is the least constitutional provision
    of the law.

    Party officials -- from both parties -- are praising the
    portion of the decision declaring the "soft money" ban to be
    constitutional. That's interesting, for while it was mostly
    Democrats who pushed the law, they've done the most
    screaming about the damage that provision is doing to

    Yesterday, Washington Post Columnist George Will blistered the
    court's decision as "1,600 Pages of Confusion."

    He cited sworn testimony that the "scientific evidence" that
    helped pass the law came from "scholars" at the Brennan Center for
    Justice who had promised the people who paid for it -- the left-
    wing Pew Charitable Trust -- that their studies would be designed
    to pass the law.

    We gun owners are very familiar with such sham science

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