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    May 31,2009 - Sunday

    Veterans And Weapons Special Permit Holders - Please Read

    This one is for you Veterans. I have never heard of this before, but I thought it was important enough to pass along here.

    Here Is The Site Address http://www.veteranstoday.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=5176

    "I had a doctors appointment at the local VA clinic yesterday and found something very interesting I would like to pass along. While going through triage before seeing the doctor, I was asked at the end of the exam, three questions.

    (1.. Did I feel stressed?)

    (2. Did I feel threatened?)

    (3. Did I feel like doing harm to someone?)

    The Nurse then informed me, if I had answered yes to any of the questions, I would have lost my concealed carry permit as it would have gone into my medical records and the VA would have reported it to Homeland Security.

    I am a Viet Nam vet and 15 year cc permit holder. Looks like they are going after us vets." Be forewarned and be aware. The Obama administration has gone on record as considering veterans and gun owners as potential terrorists. If you are a veteran, you've been warned. If you know veterans, please pass this on to them.

    I received this infromation from a good friend that is a local Deputy Sheriff!
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    Dec 14, 2003
    Strategy: Criminalize as many roadblocks on the path to tyrany before they go all the way down that road.


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    Have notified 3 of my sons and a few others. #4 is in Iraq. Will notify him when he gets back. Next, heaven help us if the Dentist ever gave us codine for a tooth extraction. We will then be called drug adicts. I suppose if we ever said, "I do" at the alter that will be used a prima facea evidence of spousal abuse. All for the backdoor purpose of restricting any and all 2nd. ammendment rights. Seems I have become a pessimist since Jan.
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    Jul 20, 2008
    A wretched hive of scum and villiany
    I've been pessimisitic since November.
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    I've been pessimisitic since I was old enough to understand what was happening to this country. My last visit to the Doc at the VA went well, except for the part when the Doc. found my holster/no gun, on my hip! She kinda got all excited and warned me about bringing a gun into the hospital. I told her that while I might not be the brightest person she has eever met, that didn't make me crazzy! I've been made!:eek:
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