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    In Vietnam, there was a variety of weapons used (and I don't mean slingshots, lol) could you men please tell us what they were and what they were used for?


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    Our battalion S-2, not only had intel, security, and communications, but also had the armory. As senior NCO of S-2, I could pack any individaul or crew served weapon I was a mind to. The 1911 A-l .45 cal. pistol was the one legally issued for my use. Anytime I would go out and about, either in the over-the-road vehicles or by aircraft, I checked out an M-14 rifle and later the M-16 rifle, when those got more reliable. Never trusted the M-79 launchers--was gun-shy of tree branches and getting one of those re-bounds back in your britches. This months issue of NAVAL AFFAIRS offers a U.S. NAVY commemorative gold plated Colt
    .45 for $1,995.00--engraved and a walnut storage case for an extra 2c-notes. Tempting but foolish--you know how old guys are-- to covet something very attractive and desirable, they can't handle any longer!!! Wilborn rambling.

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    M-60... machine gun fired the belt fed 7.62 Nato(.308 caliber) about 5-600rpm I think,two man crew generally and called the Pig...Anti-personel

    60mm and 81mm motars... 2-3 man crew,aprox range was I believe about 1500 and 2000 meters respectively...Anti-personel

    claymore mines ...were used for ambush and perimeter defence they were controled by a hand held depressable clacker and it discharged some 600 or 900(I believe) ball bearings in a fan like pattern...Anti-personel

    m-2 and m-26...grenades,m-2 old style more oblong as the m-26 is baseball like,and upon detonating small spring like pieces of coils fan out an are very efective to 50 meter radius...Anti-personel
    ...and two hard boiled eggs.

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    Anti Tank Weapons

    Infantry has always been helpless against tanks. There has been a long struggle to develop a portable weapon which would stop a tank with one shot. They developed a Bazooka which was an old fashioned rocket launcher. It required you to afix two wires running from the back of the rocket to the back of the bazooka for every shot. The one you see in the movies is a 3.5 inch Rocket launcher. It doesn't have wires to attach. It is accurate to about 200 yards but will fire out to 400 yards. it weighs about 13 pounds. It has no recoil, but the fast weight transfer causes the rubber sight boot around the eyepiece to seal around your eyeball. It creates a sucking action that is most annoying. In the movies they fire one round (shot) to knock out a tank, it really takes five rounds most of the time.
    The greatest problem with all antitank weapons is that they require you to come very close to the tank. The tank guns may have a range of 2000 meters. The second problem is that anti tank guns is that hot gas shoots out the back creating a big dust cloud when they are fired. This is called backblast. If you miss on the first shot the tankers know immediately where you are and they kill you. In training you spend a lot of time learning to run and hide. This training proved useful.
    In Vietnam, we had M72 LAW (Light Antitank Weapon) This was a 66mm disposable rocket launcher. We used it against bunkers. This a fiberglass tube which extends like a telescope. There is a pop up front sight which allows "aiming" the inacurate rocket. It has a squeeze trigger bar located under a waterproof (LOL) rubber cover. On the early ones, the rocket would sometimes detonate inside the tube. We said there should be a Bronze Star attached to the pop up front sight because some of them fired when you opened the tube. Since the early ones were unreliable, the EMs tried to get rid of them as fast as possible. The first NVA to jump us would get a dozen LAWs in return. The longer they were out of the wrapper the worse they got. I fired over a hundred in training and a lot in country, I still don't like them. The new ones are much better. Mike H