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I'm putting this in general so it gets more visibility, if a MOD think its belongs in another catagory feel free to move it,

I am near finishing what I guess you might call a resto/mod project on a Rem Nylon Mod 66,

I'm topping it off with a early 60's Weaver fixed 6X target scope, Weaver K6 60-B, very fine cross-hairs, and micro dot, it came off of my '58 Win bull barrel mod 75, this scope was on the mod 75 since the 60's(long time family rifle), it worked great on the mod 75, I have a 4x12x40 to go on the mod 75, which, along with a scope/base change on my Win mod 88 is part of my next project,

This is what I need an answer on, I've searched the internet without luck, so I come here were the veteran shooters reside seeking help, as most know, the older scopes are not nearly as user friendly as newer scopes when it comes to eye relief, the rear lense is adjustable, meaning you can screw back, or forward, is this for adjusting eye relief?, or does it actually adjust focus?, this is what I'm really trying to figure out,

Just holding the scope by hand, and adjusting the rear lense forward and backward, I just can't tell, it makes a difference, and here's why,

The Rem 66 has a grooved receiver(more like receiver cover), the relatively short lenght of the scope mount grooves, and the windage/elevation knobs placement on the scope gives me limited flexibility on placement of the mounts,

When I just hold the scope by hand and adjust the rear lense back and forth, is APPEARS that it does do some focussing, it appears that it has to be adjusted to the rear about 5/8" to be in focus at the 40-50 yrd mark, which is what I'm looking for, if this is the case, then both scope mounts wiill have to be behind the adjustments knobs, which isn't what I really want, but I don't suppose it would really matter performance wise on a low recoil rifle like this,

At this point you're probably thinking, well why doesn't this moron just mount the scope and try both ways and figure it out? because I painted the scope as part of the mod's/resto, if I mount the scope before I figure it out, and get it wrong and have to move the mounts, it will leave unwanted marks on the scope paint, I don't want to have to re-do anything else, it's time to finish and move on the the next project,

So I'm simply hoping someone knows if the rear scope adjustment is actually needed for focussing, or it is simply for eye relief adjustment on these eye releif touchy old scopes,

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