Webly, Maynard, Field King & Colt

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  1. Willits

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    Sep 10, 2012
    My 90 year old Grandmother and I have come across some guns that my Grandfather owned. She is thinking of selling them and wants an idea of what they are worth before offering them.

    They are:

    Webly Mark IV - Marked on one side with 3 crowns forward of the cylinder, Mark IV .38 145/200 above the cylinder, patent 186131 below the cylinder, and a crown just above the grip. On the other side it is marked, Made in England above the cylinder, 69766 War Finish below the cylinder

    Maynard 50cal Carbine, (I think) – The only markings I was able to see were G.W.S. and Edward Maynard Patentee May 27 1851 Dec 6 1859, (I could find no marking on the other rifle or the pistol)

    Field King Cal .22 Long Rifle - Marked High Standard Mfg Corp. New Haven Conn. U.S.A.

    Colt .44 – Marked Colts Patent No9586 and Engaged 16 May 1843 on the cylinder, and Address 00L. Saml Colt New-York U.S. America


    Thanks in advance for any advice/information/values. She will appreciate it.

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  2. Jim K

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    Dec 6, 2009
    The top rifle is an 1874 French Gras, a metallic cartridge version of the old Chassepot which was a needle-fire using a combustible cartridge like the German Dreyse. Value, around $250.

    The carbine appears to be a Second Model Maynard, some of which were used in the Civil War. Without "U.S." or any other makings indicating mililtary use, the value would be around $4000+. With some military marks and association, the value would increase substantially.

    The Webley is the Mk IV in .38/200, made during WWII. Webley was proud of their excellent commercial finish but sacrificed it for the national need. But they wanted to make sure the war-time finish was not thought to be their best, so they marked the guns "War Finish". Value is around $300.

    The High Standard is the first model Field King, a plain version of the Supermatic. While these are collectible, it is a modern gun (1951-1953) and a very good shooter, It appears nearly new and value would run around $600-700.

    The Colt is a Model 1860 Army that has been converted to use metallic cartridges, hence removal of the rammer and the installation of an ejector. That appears to be a Richards conversion. Better pictures will be needed to determine the details and the markings, but value could be over $5000 even though one "F.H." decided to scratch his initials in the gun. If you can find out who "F.H." was, and he was noted or notorious the value could increase rather than decrease.



  3. Willits

    Willits New Member

    Sep 10, 2012
    Hi Jim,
    Thanks very much for your very informative reply. It will be of great help to my Grandmother.
  4. hrf

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    Apr 1, 2008
    The gun shown upside down under the Maynard carbine appears to be the Adams Patent revolver made by Massachusetts Arms Co. but should be so-marked on the top strap.

    It could also be the British-made Beaumont-Adams that above was a copy of, but would have British proofmarks and are usually marked Adams Patent on right side below the cylinder.

    There should be a loading lever on opposite side of barrel, and it looks like the sliding cylinder safety is missing.

    Flayderman lists value of $850 for the Mass. Arms example in good condition, but there is grip damage, and will also be lower if the loading lever is missing.

    Incidently Jim, Flayderman lists value range of the second model Maynard carbine as $1000-$3000.
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