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Read Mike Dillons interview in SAR....they did a CONTROLLED experiment....
1.New 5.56 cases,neck turn,weight,blah,blah-everything a benchrest shooter would do
2.1fired cases,neck turn,sort,weigh everything
3.1fired cases,weigh everything,sort,etc
4.1 fired cases-NO sorting or anything-dumped in elec trimmer/ weighing or anything...
Sent loaded rds(marked 1-4)with NO description of what is what to 2 national testing labs..
Mike had his benchrest employee shoot with rds given to him-no indication of which was which...
Best multiple 5 shot groups from BOTH labs and benchrest shooter-#4
So his conclusion was in 5.56 anyway,just load them and shoot them...pretty interesting read.......and it confirmed I own the best-dillon:)
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