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    Gun Removal Plan starts in the cityBy REGINA MEDINA
    medinar@phillynews.com 215-854-5985

    Local law enforcement officials yesterday launched a gun-removal program designed to rid the city's homes of illegal firearms.
    The Philadelphia Gun Removal Program, patterned after one started 14 years ago in St. Louis, will allow police to remove guns from a home with written consent from the head of the household, according to the district attorney's office.

    In exchange for consent, the D. A.'s office will provide a written agreement stating that gun possession charges will not be filed if illegal weapons are found in the residence, officials said.

    Also, if any of the firearms are traced to prior crimes, charges may be filed against those who committed the previous crimes.

    The program - a joint effort involving the D.A., police and the Philadelphia Weed and Seed Project - was announced at a news conference at 52nd and Market streets yesterday.

    "With more than two hundred murders before the year is half over and untold numbers of people shot and/or threatened with illegal firearms, I have been calling for sometime to 'Do Something' about the unspeakable and indiscriminate carnage on our streets," said District Attorney Lynne Abraham.

    "Not only do we prosecute, but we try to prevent crime.

    "With our innovative programs, including our straw purchase initiative, this is another piece of reigning in gun violence."

    According to a press release from the D.A.'s office, when the program began in St. Louis, police started knocking on doors and asked for parental permission to search for illegal weapons. Ninety-eight percent of those approached consented to a search of the premises and guns were found in about half of the homes, the press release said.

    Philadelphia residents are urged to call the Gun Violence Task Force at 215-686-9585 to report properties where illegal guns are believed to be kept. *

    And the war would start here when they said
    " we are here for your guns"

    Now you read it anyway you want to but I am going out with one hell of a fight.
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