Went hunting tonight

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    I had been promising my boys (8 and 6) that I would be taking them coon hunting. Been kind of laid up after the roof cave in adventure. My back is feeling better and thought I could give it a go. Got the boys all fired up about it and had to listen to them jabber about a 1000 rounds a minute until it was time to go. Loaded up the hounds and drove down to the crick about 200 yards from the house. Of course all this was a huge adventure to them. Everything about how to load the dogs in the dark to when they should use their flashlights.

    We let the dogs go and started walking along the edge of a cornfield while the dogs ran the wters edge. About a 1/2 mile into the walk my knees are taking a beating from the snow. But those two are flitting around on top of it with energy to spare. The dogs started on a trail and started working it to the north. I knew exactly where we would end up but just played along for the boys sake. So we took the long way and followed the dogs to where they were treed on a huge old cottonwood tree. We could see the coon in a hollow where I had treed them a hundred times before in the last 20 years. I squalled a little bit and did get him to move around but he would not come out so we had to let him go. the boys were thrilled to death about seeing the coon in the hollow and telling me ways to get it down. I just listened and laughed when they said they wanted to go back and get an axe out of grandpa's garage.

    We got the dogs off the tree and started down the tree line of big cottonwoods. My legs and knees have had it by now and I am thinking I should have stayed home another day or so. It was not long and the dogs started on a trail and treed right away. This time the coon was not in a hollow but I could not get a shot because the brush was so thick. Finally got down a hill and into a clearing and could not find the coon. The boys were using their new flashlights and I would have had to shoot every star out of the sky the way they were spotting coon everywhere. The Buckmark was up to the task but I only had about 20 rounds with me. We did some squalling and got him to turn on his eyes. It was a fairly long shot and I missed the first time. Second was in the head just above the eyes. That old coon broke a lot of branches on his way down and the dogs were on him. Not any fight left in him but the boys thought he was a killer coon from hell and enjoyed the fight to no end. Got the dogs leashed up and fought dogs trying to get the coon away from me all the way back to the Jeep.

    Skinned the coon right away and baptized the boys with some fresh blood on the faces. Mom was not proud of that little trick, but that is what I had done to me at their age. I got some picks of their first coon hunt I will get developed sometime and get them posted.

    I'll tell you what. I garantee I got a couple hardcore coon hunters who are going to wear my short fat *ss out running up and down those hills.
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    Re: Went hunting tonight
    And another generation of sportsters begin the eternal quest for fulfillment in the deep, dark, wild and wooly woods.

    Glad you had a great time warpig. Sure is great to see the excitement in a youngsters eyes when they venture out with "Pop" on a successful hunt, huh?

    Take it easy, and don't over do things just yet. Give yourself time to heal a bit more so you can enjoy yourself rather than endure the tortures.


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    Never been on a gen-you-wine coon hunt (killed more than a few as "incidentals"), sounds like a lot of fun! Makes it even better when you are sharing the experience with your kids. I have the feeling that you aren't very likely going to have trouble with those boys as they get older, sounds like you are doing a great job raising them! Hope you get to enjoy many more such experiences with them. Don't be pushing yerself too fast now, ya hear?

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    I hear ya .280 and only hop it is true. i had a very strong hunting and fishing background with my dad but still did the juvenile deliquent thing for a few years. Wonder why kids do such stupid stuff?? Got to be something with hormones and the eveil spells wimmins put on ya. Got your pics I am posting them in a minute.
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    Warpig, you are raising a good tribe of coon hunters over there in South Dakota...more power to you all.