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    I don't know if I posted that because of the good feedback from this forum I ordered the Lee Anniversary Kit from Cabelas along with a few other goodies I needed. The reloader is in and after looking everything over and "playing" with it a little I am happy with what I got for the money. Its not RCBS like I am used to but it will get the job done.

    I stopped by a little gun shop on my way home from work yesterday and purchased the only box of 6.5 bullets he had, a pound of RL-22 and a hundred Remington 9 1/2 primers. The bullets are 120 grain Nosler BT. Any suggestions on a starting point with these componets. I have data for 120 sp but would welcome your input. I want to end up with a hot rod load for the 120's but of course I want to start below max.

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    I'll get you tomorrow, I am not near my reloading data right now.

    What caliber case? I shoot 264 win mag, but have the books that are pretty current for all cartridges.

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    6.5X55 custom Mauser on a 98 action.

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    Arkie -

    My Swede mauser likes the 120 gr Nosler Ballistic Tips seated over 47.7 gr of IMR 4831 and a Federal 215M primer.

    The 4831 is slightly faster than your RL-22.
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