Went to the range earley

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Well, I couldn't wait to try out the Springfield any longer. I popped off 200 rounds (I had 2 other new handguns with me that needed to be tried, too). I think I was in love with the .45 after the first shot. No malfunctions at all, good groups, pleasant to shoot. I'm buying a range membership next payday.

    Saving brass from a semi-auto on a public range is a bit tough -- I think I only got about 75% of it. The Speer was great, the UMC seemed very dirty and smokey. I decided to get .45 reloading dies instead of .357 to start off.

    I also shot a friend's Charles Daly. The trigger wasn't as good as the Springfield, but it seemed OK from the 24 rounds I fired. The Springfield seemed a bit more finished, also.

    I'm sure I'll have a ton more questions as I get more addicted to the 1911. Thanks to everyone for their input on my earlier post.

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    Re: Went To The Range Early

    Glad you had a good time, the UMC is good ammo
    but it will shoot dirty, try the Winchester USA stuff,
    it's much better and shoots clean!
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    Glad ya had a good time, DSR. The '11 a really fun gun to shoot. Once you start reloading, it'll be a lot cheaper, too.

    Now's a good time to start looking for some used GI Brass. It usually sells for a bit less than the civilian stuff, and I prefer it because it's a bit thicker and seems to take multiple reloading better.

    When I was out driving in the country, I'd stop at any small gunstore I came across.....usually got my best brass bargains there. You can frequently find some bargains in cast bullets in those places too. Look for some 200 gr. SWC......that's probably what you'll want for plinking and target work.

    When you're ready to start reloading, give us a yell.