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    Ok here's a brain squeezer....Military, Austrian I believe, Single shot military rifle used 11.15X58 cartridge. There must have been a later box magazine rifle that used the same cartidge as I have a box full of these babies and quite a few of them are in neat little cardboard and metal holders (5 rnds to a clip and 2 clips to a cardboard). I'm thinking maybe a Mannlicher? If you have any thoughts lemmeno, I'm gonna sell 'em and want to be sure I post them for the right rifle.
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    Hi buckaroobarnes.......and welcome to TFF!

    COTW shows two 11.15x58Rmm rounds. One for the Werndl M77 (and, from 1886 to 1888, in the Mannlicher straight-pull), and the other for the 11mm Spanish Remington Rolling Block rifle.

    The rounds are slightly different, and are not interchangeable....but since your rounds are in clips, they're probably for the Mannlicher.

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    Somewhere in the archives here or in the CR or ask the experts forum I did some research for a guy about a year ago who had a Werndl and didn't know what he had (I didn't either, but it was fun finding it out for him!) There's pictures if I remember right.

    There were 11.15 and 11.4mm Werndls, pretty similar. They were pretty crappy BP bolt actions, but what I thought was funny is a first person account of a windy British Liaison officer assigned to the Italian Front in WWI in like 1916...in it he said the Bersigliari unit he was assigned to was faced by an Austrian Volksturm unit and the Italians thought the Austians had better rifles than they had! (The Italians had M91 Carcanos, the Austrians had Werndl BP single shots!)

    Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I'll see if I can dig up the thread, if I find the time.

    BTW, Werndl was the founder and designer of the company that later became Steyr.

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