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West Point Model 840 30-30 - Never Fired

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I just purchased a West Point Model 842 30-30 (Savage) that has never been fired. The stock is near flawless, only very slight contact marks .. no scratches or dents .. no rust. Has the original tag and the string is as clean as the day it came from the factory. Made in 1967 as per the seller.

This rifle came from the estate of a collector.

I don't plan to shoot this rifle, it's too nice. Probably just hang on to it or sell it for a profit.

Any idea on value of this rifle? Pics coming.
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They have been discontinued for some years and today bring a top of about $300 on the used gun racks.

In all honesty, that rifle really has no investment value and you might as well shoot it or use it for hunting. It is not a bad rifle, though lacking refinement.

Thanks for your reply. I have a Savage 340A already. It's perfect for me. Refinement? Guess I don't understand that. Aim and fire @ 150 yards max for me. No scope, just sights.

I won't fire this new rifle that hasn't been previously. Probably just keep it or give it as a gift if it I can't sell it.

Again, thanks!
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