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    Aug 25, 2011
    There is a sharp divide between gun-rights proponents and gun-control proponents. This leads to intense political debate over the effectiveness of firearm regulation.
    On the whole, Democrats are far more likely to support "stricter" gun control than are Republicans. According to a 2010 Harris Interactive survey, a 70% to 7% majority of Democrats favors "stricter" rather than "less strict" gun control, whereas Republicans are split 22% "stricter" to 42% "less strict" with 27% of Republicans and 14% of Democrats opting for "neither".
    The division of beliefs may be attributable to the fact that Republicans are more likely to own guns, according to General Social Surveys conducted during the last 35 years. The graphs, below, show that gun ownership has generally declined; however, Republicans — especially men — are far more likely to own guns.[
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    Once again...

    Your point is?

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    i think he's just throwing some facts out there for us to see.
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    I'm not buying it.

    Been here too long, seen too many posters with similar histories.

    Google his name and the post heading.
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    Your surveys in the past 35 years that show Repulicans are more likely to own a gun is that conservatives tend to believe in more freedoms and the constitution.Librerals want more govenment controls from french fries in a happy meal,the car you drive,the tempreture in your house,the light bulbs you can use.
    Here's a fact you left out, Every urban liberal population center with strict gun controls has the most crime and highest murder rate;Chicago,LA,New York,Washington D.C.Detroit.
    Also, I beleve in gun ownership has increased not declined.About a year or so ago all ammo was wiped out on the shelf for about a year.And every time it came in it was gone in hours.
  6. Jim K

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    Dec 6, 2009
    It may well be the reverse. As more and more Democrats have come to support any proposal, no matter how Draconian or unconstitutional, that is labeled "gun control", gun owners have deserted the party. No one is about to belong to, and support a party whose leaders want to take away his rights and even extermnate him for his ideas.

    It was a Democratic blogger who wrote that "The president should call in the army and shoot the Tea Party down in the streets like the mad dogs that they are."

    (In fairness, I am sure that Mr. Obama has no intention of doing any such thing, and that the Army would refuse to obey such an illegal order if it were given, but it shows the insanity of the gun control lobby and its close association with the Democratic party.)

  7. 45Auto

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    Apr 9, 2008
    In my experience, the modern Democratic party is moving away from gun control. Democrats are more inclined these days to be interested in getting a concealed weapon licence or to enjoy a day of shooting at the range. It may depend upon your location (I'm in the mid-west) but we must admit that President Obama has been slow to support the sort of gun controle that Bill Clinton supported not that long ago. And Obama signed a law extending concealed carry to Federal parks, something unheard of in the days of Sen. Kennedy.
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    I wanna hear from the op.
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    definitely a troll. He posted the exact same on numerous boards and all have been removed, and his account banned. I suggest the same for this site.
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