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    Simulated chemical plant scenario. First you had to gear up with a “Scott Pack” (self contained breathing unit) getting a face mask to seal, when you have hair on your face, can be a challenge. (I understand why firemen etc. have to be “almost” clean shaven) Then came the latex gloves.

    Started off searching 2 guards (mannequins) for weapons. Only 2 people found them all. Then there were 4 doors, and 1 window to go (or shoot) through, with a strobe light, SMOKE, drop turner target, red flashing light, SIREN, along with hostages in the way (some of the hostages were moving) with the stop target being Osama Bin Forgotten. What a stage. Oh did I mention that this was all in the dark, using a flashlight?

    In the meantime, while waiting for your turn at “that” stage, we were practicing on a “running man” target. We were making up all kinds of things. Single pass, 2 shots C zone or better. Double pass, same score each way. Triple pass, shoot as many as you can, mandatory reload, and on the third pass it would reverse “sometime” along the way. I shot 18 rounds, hit 18 times. The closest to that was OB at 15 out of 15. No one else got over 9 out of 13. Most were around 6 out of 10-12. Had to stop shooting the running man, was afraid of running out of ammo for the “GOOD” stage. Some who had shot the first stage DID run out of ammo on the running man.

    It was a heck of a day at the range, sir. :D
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    That sounds like a fun stage.

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    Yep! I don't think there is anything like that around here, unless sxsman knows of a place...I shot for the first time in the dark with and without a flashlight at a still target a few weeks ago for my CCW training...that was interesting to say the least....;)
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