What about the Preamble?

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    Jun 27, 2001
    We, the Pharisee bankers, lawyers, journalists and other parasites of the
    world in order to nationalize and enslave the union, establish injustice,
    intimidate and incarcerate millions, reduce populations, unify all races,
    religions and creeds, create dependency, promote perpetual warfare for the
    New World Odor and to deny the blessings of liberty to our subjects and to
    their posterity, do hereby establish this Constitution for the Ten New
    States of America, to be used, abused, altered or ignored as we see fit.

    My country 'tis of thee,
    Land of the Pharisee,
    Of thee I sing.

    Land where our fathers died,
    Land where our leaders lied,
    From every mountainside,
    Let serfdom reign.

    George Bush's America the Beautiful

    Oh beautiful for specious lies
    And fake bin Laden tapes
    For yellow-cake uranium
    and evidence that's baked.
    America, America
    There's oil don't you see?
    Though it's a sham,
    I'll bomb Saddam
    So there'll be more for me!

    Oh beautiful for corporate crime
    For Enron, Brown, and Root
    For Gates and Lay and Uncle Dick
    God bless the Carlyle Group!
    America, America
    Your pensions have been spent
    On drugs and clothes
    For CEOs
    You'll never see a cent.

    Oh beautiful for PATRIOT Act
    That makes dissenters fear
    If they protest
    Their false arrest
    We'll lock them up for years.
    America, America
    With Bush you must agree
    You'd best suck up
    Or get locked up
    For all eternity.

    Oh beautiful for greenhouse gas
    And glowing toxic waste
    For Yucca Mountain 's majesty
    And air that you can taste.
    America, America
    Who needs clean air or trees?
    They'll be no snow
    In Idaho
    But check out Boise Beach!

    Oh beautiful for deficit
    It's bigger by the day
    For joblessness and homelessness
    And debts we cannot pay.
    America, America
    You'll need that SUV
    When you've no bed
    To rest your head
    Fold down that big, back seat!

    Oh beautiful for mushroom cloud
    Spreading o'er the plain
    But I'll be safe beneath the ground
    While you're sucking black rain.
    America, America
    I cannot tell a lie
    Just buy duct tape
    And plastic drapes
    And kiss your ass good-bye!
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