what am i getting into?????

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    I called the batf today and asked about a C&R ,and they are sending me a application , but get this he said I could get it now or wait till I move ,if I get it now and then move I have to fill out a amended application which in turn they might want to pay me a visit ,so

    to get the license no visit
    amend the license get a visit

    doesn't make sense

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    C&R or FFL, pretty much the same deal....if you move, they can drag it out when you least expect it. I would wait until you move and then apply. We received a visit prior to receiving ours ( Though I doubt you will receive a visit either way). First rate guy and "very" professional, stayed about 30 minutes. FFL arrived about 30 days later. Have not seen them since, but have contacted them on several ocassions and they have always been first rate....Dallas,Tx branch anyway.
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