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(3/25/02 11:11:31 pm)
| Edit | Del All What are interchangable choke tubes?
I have a Winchester Model 59 with full choke. My friends are talking about how their guns came with interchangable chokes. If you can't tell I'm pretty new to shotgun shooting. I was wondering if my gun can use choke tubes, and which is most effective for trap shooting, which is more effective for duck, phesant, dove, ect. Also, how hard to install, and where can I find choke tubes for a gun as old as mine?


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(3/25/02 11:29:29 pm)
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Paul,some guns come with what are called fixed chokes,meaning their barrels are of one size,say full.Other barrels are bored out and tapped for tubes which are of different sizes.Screw in one and now it's full.Remove it and screw in another and now it's Mod.
I have a SxS (Side by side) that I would like to find a spare barrel set and send out and have them bored and tapped for choke tubes so I can have the best of all worlds .(OK maybe I'm too cheap to buy another shotgun)

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(3/25/02 11:42:33 pm)
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The amount of choke determines the effective range of the gun for different types of game. a Improved cylinder choke is suitable for grouse, quial, or pigeon at 20-30 yards.
With a half or (modifided) choke it is suitable for pheasant or rabbit at 25-55 yards.
a full choke is good for ducks or geese at 35-50 yards.

Not sure if your model 59 has interchangable chokes or not, someone else here should know.

By looking in the end of the barrel (unloaded) you can tell if there is a choke tube in it or not,there would be four noch's exposed where the choke tube wrench would twist out the tube. Also if the tube is not insatalled look for threads machined inside the barrel that accept the threaded choke tube.

I'm having my puter fixed,.This 0 is upside down.

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(3/25/02 11:51:23 pm)
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Howdy Paul

Welcome aboard from another relative newby. Yer M59 barrel will need to be modified to accept screw-ins. This can be done by any competent gunsmith as long as yer barel walls are thick enuff - he should be able to determine this quickly. Maybe ask about thin-wall tubes. If the answer ain't immediate, bail !!

Maybe find someplace like Briley (Houston ?) which has performed gazillions of tube jobs over the years. Expect to fork over about $175 or so, plus some more for extra tubes. Once performed, it's a snap to change tubes in a matter of seconds.

Far as apps go, somethin like this: F & M for trap, pass shooting waterfowl. M fer chukar, late-season pheasant, decoyed waterfowl, desert quail. IC fer balance of upland game, sporting clays, also works fer skeet in a pinch. One caveat fer waterfowl tho, AVOID STEEL SHOT !! Still some of it floatin' around. Will ring-bulge most older barrels and tubes not proofed for steel.

Good luck with it & enjoy that critter !!


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(3/26/02 12:19:21 am)
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Another advantage of the screw in chokes is you can tailor about 8 or 9 different tubes to your specific shooting style or game...not just the 3 most people think of...

Plus you can have any length barrel now you 18" tube with a full choke tube will pattern just as tight as a 30" tube with a full choke...some people like long barrel tubes for sighting, and swinging, but some like them short, like I do. You do not lose much velocity, not enough to notice. You will have to shorten the current tube a little, usually about 2-3" at least , to remove the current choke and install the screw in tubes.

For example, I used to have a "True Choke" system that I had installed on an 870 VR I had shortened to 22", cost me $75 for the installation and one tube, about $20 per extra tube, but that was about 15 years ago.

The choke tubes that were available were Cylinder, or open (No choke)for slug and buckshot, Skeet I, (halfway between none and IC), IC, Skeet II, (halfway between IC and M), Modified, Improved Modified (halfway between Mod and full), Full, and Extra Full.(half again tighter than full) I used the Cylinder for slugs for deer and Grouse (in cover),and for my Three Gun Combat competition, with slugs, buck, and coarse shot, Skeet II for Grouse/Rabbit in more open cover, and Improved Modified for Squirrel/Rabbit/Pheasant where shots were longer. It took about 5-10 seconds and a quarter to use as a wrench to change tubes in the field for different conditions...and I used one gun for everything from Combat Competition to small and large game hunting...

Ask AntiqueDoc here that question, he installs various screw-in choke systems, he can shoot you a price, turn around time, and he'll have you mike your barrels for OD and ID to see the thickness and then tell you the types/'manufacturers you can use...
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(3/26/02 12:11:16 pm)
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Re: What are interchangable choke tubes?
HOWDY --- Xtremehulk (I'm friendly)

About finding and installing choke tubes for your shotgun do this --

on the internet:
On the home page click on shotguns and keep looking and you'll find any kind of choke you would need.
GOOD LUCK! & ENJOY Great to have you posting here at TFF!!

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(3/26/02 12:14:58 pm)
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I don't know a dang thing about choking shotguns, but I shore nuff can choke them chickens!

Welcome to the forum, don't mind me.
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