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cointoss 2
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(8/23/02 1:20:52 pm)
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Everyone has a favorite knife and it is something most of us use some way or other every day so what is your favorite method and equipment for keeping your blades sharp. Typically I have used a Lansky sharpening set for hunting knives but I'm sure there are other modes. My problem was always rolling the knife if I just used a stone so I stuck with the Lansky system so what is your method?

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(8/23/02 5:05:12 pm)
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Re: What Are you Useing?
I have a round piece of ceramic that cam out of a machine at work that I use.

If I have one that needs fixing really bad it is hard to beat the Lansky.

I also have a supply of diamond files that work wonders with a blunt blade.

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(2/8/03 2:05:51 am)
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These are everywhere for a reason: They'll turn a butter knife into a scalpel.

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