What do I /you think of the Iraq War ?

Discussion in 'The Constitutional & RKBA Forum' started by Shizamus, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. Shizamus

    Shizamus New Member

    Jun 27, 2001
    What do I think about the Iraq war? An unconstitutional war for the benefit of the few
    corporations that are on the buddy pass system through the Bush Administration.
    The President didn't have Constitutional authority to do as he did, and Congress
    did not have Constitutional authority to step away from their obligation to
    declare war or not. America is not supposed to be declaring war on other
    countries unless we are attacked. All of the excuses for this war have been
    proven to be outright lies to justify taking over the Iraqi oil fields and to
    secure the Iraq country and economy to provide another country for the
    International Bankers that own and run the Federal Reserve Corporation, to
    ransack by controlling the money supply, which by the way they have
    Unconstitutionally done in America since 1913, and is the real culprit behind
    ALL of America's woes today. America has been overthrown from within, an inside
    job, and America no longer resembles the republic of constitutional law and the
    rights guaranteed and protected for the citizens therof. America is a Police
    State, and the two major parties of this country are willing accomplices to the
    selling out of America and it's people by the politicians, judges and those in
    the government. The America that we have been spoon fed by the propaganda of
    the media, which is also owned and controlled by those same Internationl Bankers
    of the FED, is an outright lie, and if the sheep of America don't stand up soon
    and take the country back and return it to a government that stays within the
    boundries of the Constitution, America is dead, and Americans are the walking
    dead, just getting by with the handouts that government allows them to keep. Any
    dissent will be dealt with as it has for the last 100 years which means the
    thugs of the FBI, CIA, BATF, IRS, and host of other government agencies in
    cahoots with the local, county and state police along with the blessings of the
    judiciary will destroy anyone who dares to stand in their way. The real power
    that controls the money in this country for the last 90 years: the Controllers,
    those who have controlled the world for hundreds of years and financed all of
    the wars, all parties involved and always win no matter the outcome as long as
    the world stays in perpetual war, are preparing the final moments in a
    historical plan they have hatched for the world for hundreds of years: The New
    World Order, with all of the trappings of a satanic dynasty they are willing to
    deliver to their master: satan. It isn't rocket science. The forces of evil
    and good: satan and God have been fighting for the people and this planet for
    thousands of years. The same battle is coming to a head and how it plays out
    has already been foretold in revelations 2,000 years ago. Who do you support?
    The forces of Satan who own it all, and will persecute you and most of humanity
    will support? A certain death and a lousy lifestyle make this not very
    appealing to fight. Or the other side? The forces of good, who have nothing to
    offer but the truth, God's Laws, and freedom and Liberty as God intended for
    all, but you have to make the choice: God/good or satan/evil. The choice is
    simple. Choosing God means your soul will live forever with God in harmony with
    God's Law and freedom and liberty for his followers, but unfortunately means
    persecution here on Earth, and a really rough time with the politically correct
    crowd, the money crowd, most of the churches and religions, the government, and
    of course the jack booted thugs. A rough time guaranteed for all. Jails,
    fines, permits, total obedience to what you thought and were taught was freedom
    and the American way. On the other hand, choose Satan, and follow all of the
    rules, be ruthless, do whatever makes you happy here, except make sure you don't
    ruffle the feathers of those in power. Be a good slave and they will make your
    life ok, maybe a bit of a pain, but basically ok as long as you follow all of
    their rules and pay all of the dues(taxes). On the other hand, hell on earth,
    is outside of freedom and liberty with God. Our forefathers felt that life
    without liberty was worthless. I share that philosophy. They fought a war of
    independence from their government, which was England beginning in 1776 and
    formed a country over the next 13 years, while being hunted for committing
    treason against the crown, all because they wanted to live in freedom with
    liberty. They handed us a republic rooted in Constitutional law with guaranteed
    and protected rights, and told us to be vigilent, and keep this freedom if we
    can! We failed miserably at this in the last 100 years. It is now our watch.
    America will be returned to a Constitutional government in the next few years or
    the tyranny of the fascist will continue it's grip on the American people. It
    is our choice.
  2. Evilahole

    Evilahole New Member

    Mar 30, 2003
    This was not a new war we just fought...it was a continuation of the "original" Gulf War.
    The U.N. (supresses vomit reflex) agreement was only a cease fire under the conditions that Iraq comply with the U.N. mandates.
    At ANY time afterwards, if Iraq failed to comply, Any U.N. member nation had the right to resume hostilities on Iraq for breaking the cease fire agreement.

  3. FN_Project90

    FN_Project90 New Member

    Jun 5, 2003
    Atlanta, GA, USA
    evil I like you more and more every post. If people would just think of that one thing more.
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