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  1. . . . a 5-round, two-inch barreled revolver in .45 ACP (with moon clips, of course), as a daily carry weapon? Specifically, I have a Taurus 455 that I bought about three years ago, along with a custom-made Sparks holster to carry it in. I wanted a revolver, but one chambered in something a bit more potent than a .38. I've never carried the weapon, but I did take it out on the range this weekend, and quite frankly, I was very impressed with its performance in terms of accuracy and handling characteristics. It has a ported barrel and that made it feel like I was shooting a .38 snubbie with light loads instead of a .45. At 10 yards I was putting all five rounds, double action rapid fire, into a 9-inch pie plate quite easily and consistently.

    The drawbacks I see are that the capacity is only five rounds and that it loads with moon clips. On the other hand, I have a custom made belt pouch I bought with the holster that will hold two more pre-loaded moon clips.

    I would be curious about what you all think of such a weapon for CCW carry and overall performance in self-defense situations. Ron, I would be especially interested in your comments because I know you are fond of the .45 ACP in a revolver.

    Thanks in advance for your comments. :cool:
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    You can also place my in the camp of .45 ACP revolver proponents. I've owned a few 1917 revolvers, one was a cut down 3" S&W. For daily concealed carry, I wouldn't feel under-gunned at all with your Tarus.

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    Its not the arrow,but the indian.Use it.
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    I think you have a heck of a nice and effective weapon there my friend.

    Those big-bore 5-shot snubbies worked great for the Brits in the Victorian period...bulldogs I believe was the generic term. I wouldn't feel under gunned with a 5-shooter unless I was serving felony warrants or SWATing or the like.
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    As the G-man (G. Gordon Liddy) would say "if you can't hit them with six, you shouldn't be carrying". Now with that said, yours only carries five, but what a great round those five are!