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  1. . . . the Glaser and Mag-Safe type ammunition for self-defense use? The stats for Glasers at least, look pretty impressive in terms of their stopping power, though there are some drawbacks. For one thing, they are extremely expensive so it's very costly to fire off enough of them to determine their reliability in an auto pistol. Does anyone carry these rounds and feel comfortable with them? Just curious.
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    Jun 24, 2008
    my house gun is loaded with mag-safes, and this came about after i witnessed their performance. i was at a friends house my child was in the driveway with his playing basketball. a rather large pitbull wandered into the driveway and barked and growled at the girls. they were "pinned" up against the garage door. my friend and i both came out of the house to check out the noise ( girls screaming ,dog barking) upon seeing the situation my friend ran back into the house and came out with a revolver. 2 shots and the dog was dead. before dispatching the dog i tried to get the dog to stand down it would not respond to commands, and wanted to square off with me as i approched. bottom line he was using a 357 mag and i feared a thru n thru the report and blast was impressive. but the fact is the round did it's job didn't exit the body and stopped the threat.

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    I am not familiar with Mag-Safes but have carried Glasers in 9mmP and they can be very effective.

    The advantages go further than good stopping power by dumping all their energy into the target, they also don't ricochet, which can be a plus if there are other people around.

    As I recall they were not good with penetration, doors etc. as you would expect. There are also the wound complications to take into account, if your of a mind to. They make a mess that surgery finds hard to sort.

    I come back to my old personal favourite, mixing rounds. Maybe two or three enhanced like Glasers or HPs over FMJs. So if the enhanced fail to impress , the ball just might :)

    I know mixing meets with doubt from many, but I can tell you some of the best trained in the world do it. The chosen combo should also be thoroughly tested on the range with the carry sidearm.

    The final choice however are for each of us to decide on, and hopefully live with.
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    I have heard many good things about mag-safe and I have them in my .357, but they are very expensive. They are good if you have family in the other rooms, due to the lack of penetration. I have two kids, so I take that into consideration.