What does the Dillon 650 come with?

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    Apr 20, 2009
    Im getting a Dillon 650 just to reload 45acp rounds. I know that it comes with the conversion kit but not the dies. What I dont know is what I need. Does it come with what ever I need to feed large pistol primers? what about small ones? I know the die kit comes with 3 dies but what about the other 2 stations? do I need to buy something for the other 2 stations or does the press come with those. Im just getting into reloading for the first time and its extremely overwhelming. If anyone can clear up these questions that would be amazing. Thanks guys
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    Oct 29, 2008
    Welcome to TFF.

    I can't help you regarding Dillons, as I have a Lee kit. I only load 45 ACP and the 3 dies that I use are:

    1) the deprimer that punches out the primer and rounds out the case;
    2) the Feed Through Die that I presume opens the case a hair (not sure about this) and then the powder goes into the top of the die and directly into the case;
    3) the Die that seats the bullet and is adjustable for depth.

    I prime off the press with a Lee Hand Primer.

    Once you get the hang of it, it's quite simple albeit very repetitive.

    Check out youtube as I'm sure there are videos using your exact kit.

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    Feb 26, 2009
    It comes with the necessary parts to handle both large and small primers, but if you convert it often you may want to purchase another complete primer feed system and maintain one for large and one for small. That way, all you have to change is the seating ram in the undercarriage. I think I paid about $75 or so for mine.

    There are a total of 5 stations. 1 is resize/decap, 2 is prime/bell(pistol only)/drop powder, 3 is a blank or you can add a powder check system, 4 is bullet seat, and 5 is bullet crimp. The powder check works fine on most pistol and mid to large cal rifle. It is not worth a darn for small calibers, such as .223. If you did not order it with the automatic case feeder, YOU WANT ONE!!! It works great. Someone makes an automatic bullet feeder, but it is so pricey that I am not going to buy one. If you add the optional bullet tray on the left side, that is nice. That little tool kit holder is super handy because you will use your allen wrenches often and it is nice to have them handy. The "strong mount" is a must and the roller handle is OK, but not necessary. The cover is probably a good idea but I don't have one because I have the case feeder and I am not sure the cover will work with it.

    The one weakness is how awkward it is to adjust the powder charge. There are several guys on eBay that sell a replacement screw with a knob on the end that makes it so much nicer. I wish Dillon would make this a standard feature.

    Buy carbide dies, and the Dillon dies are very good. They also stand behind everything with an excellent warranty and customer service. My carbide .223 resizing die came apart and they sent me a brand new one. My 20+ year old digital scales stopped working and they sent be a brand new one FREE. I can't say enough good things about Dillon Precision.

    Give me a PM is you have any questions.
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