what is this bayonet?

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    My son has this bayonet and he was wondering what kind of rifle that it came offen. It has some French writing on the back of the blade and winds up with the date of 1879. It looks to be about 2 feet long and the scabbord has a little rectangular loop, perhaps to attach the scadbord to something? Do any of you fellas have any ideas? Any idea what it's worth? Thanks, I have included URLs of some pictures that I took.




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    I'm not really up on old French stuff, but my guess it would be for a Chassepot rifle/musket. But them again, every time I see an old French one that's probably not a Lebel or Berthier, that's what I say...

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    It is a Gras bayonet for the 1874 Gras, worth about $50 to $150 depending on maker, condition, etc. Yours I would say is worth about $75.

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    only to agree completely with jonx. That's a beautiful bayonet, and it ought to be worth more, but he's even high on the current market. BTW, they are interchangeable mechanically if not historically with Chassepot bayonets, so you're not far off.

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    Re: Just did check in, Polish
    1886lebel over on Flhunter's site provided the following info:

    It is a Epee-baionnette Mle.1874 for Le Fusil Mle.1874 dit "Gras".
    It was always marked on the top of the blade in scripted lettering the following, Mre d'Armes de (Arsenal made)(Month and Year). On the bayonet crossbar and the scabbardwas the serial number along with a letter which also signified who made it. A to E were Chatellerault,F to Q, minus I and O were St.Etienne,and Tulle were R to T.
    These bayonets with some modifications were also used for Le Fusil Mle.1878 de Marine dit "Kropatschek"(usually shortened the bayonets),Le Fusil Mle.1884 dit "Kropatschek Francais",and Le Fusil Mle.1885 dit "de Chatellerault".
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