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I have an old scope but in almost new condition. It is the Weaver K 10 60-B scope when still made in El Paso TX. I have 2 questions:
1. In looking at my photos attached, what is the attached, clamp-like object on the scope tube, to the rear of the turret tower? In the purposely "lightened photo" note the 4 holes on the bottom. They do NOT go through to the tube. It is clamped on with 2 allen head bolts and seem it can only be removed being slid off the rear of the tube. There is a stamp on the clamp ..."M-25. In the mounted scope photo, clamp is between rear ring and turret tower.

2. What would be a fair asking price for this scope? I will state that all of the facts here are true. NO rust or pits ever, blueing is not worn, fine crosshairs, optics and operation of scope it perfect, original leather caps- (minus the elastic cords) and the caps stay on great with gentle friction.

NOTE: When answering about price.... I noticed in the preview of post, the bright "specks" in the close ups. These ARE flaws in my photos, (the camera or ??). The bluing IS perfect!

I want to sell the scope and need the info about that clamp object so I can present it accurately.
Indy Bob



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