What makes a good hunting ground?

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  1. artemis77

    artemis77 New Member

    Oct 10, 2011
    Hello all,
    I'm looking for some info on accessible hunting lands. My brother runs a hunting ground and wants to make it accessible for all. I'm not a hunter myself (even though lots of people in my family are) so my questions probably won't be as technical as they should be but here they are:
    What terrain is best? Is there any ground cover that works well? Is there a good way of dealing with the mud so it doesn't limit where you go?
    If using a wheelchair which one works best outdoors? Is it most fun to shoot from a wheelchair, car, golf car, lookout?
    What would your dream land be like?

    Where we are (in Hungary, Europe) accessible hunting is just not the done deal yet, so we can't even ask for advice from other people doing something similar. Let me know if you have any ideas to get this going.
    Many thanks.
  2. hunter29180

    hunter29180 Well-Known Member

    Jan 29, 2011
    Church Hill TN
    first off let me say WELCOME TO TFF!

    as to what type of land you need? well personally I think you are asking the wrong crowd! you should be asking the very game you wish to attract! do some studying, see what habitat and terrain the game you want wishes to inhabit. then go find that habitat and terrain! what we or most of us here would recommend may not be suitable for you country. diffrent strokes you know...hope you do get something going though!

  3. Zhurh

    Zhurh Active Member

    Mar 19, 2010
    Upper Yukon, Alaska
    Art, I always find places the moose & game just tend to congregate at; like mineral licks. One can make their own with salt and other minerals but the natural ones that have been used for many years are the best. Near water too, they always want near water come the rut.

    Hungarian are ya? My wife, her people came from Hungary (place called forro, near Budapest) pre WWI. Entire extended families came over to work the coal mines in Pennsylvania. Their big plan was to save money, go back to Hungary and buy farms. Most just got married and became proper Americans, ha ha. A few of her relatives/ancestors did save their money, went back to Hungary after WW1 (around 1921) and their grandkids still live in Hungary. But they had a thing called Communism that fouled it all up for a good many years. Funny thing is my wife's people here in USA are all Catholic, go to church everyday if they can. Well the Russkies tore down the churches in Hungary I figure, so several generations of wife's relatives who don't believe in God; imagine that? So anyway, when the grandkids in Hungary started searching for their spirituality, who do ya think was there to pick up the pieces? The MOONIES, no joke. My wife's relatives in Hungary are now Moonies, not Catholic, unreal. We email back and forth, they all (her relatives) in Hungary look like my wife's people and all, family name is Zsolcsak. All they talk about is universal world peace, ya right, not in the cards I tell them, ha ha. But they good people but they don't hunt. Even my wife killed a moose this year. Funny Thing is all the wife's people in USA & Hungary are all quite successful, college educated, ect; GOOD HUNKIE GENETICS & BLOODLINES I tell everybody. BUT the ones in America are still better off and I can't imagine any better place to hunt than where I call home here in ALaska.

    Hope you enjoyed my family story.

    Something else, I've been married to this great Hunkie Wife for 26 years and they've been good years, and she's a good cook. AND I JUST LUV PAPRIKA heavy on everything. The wife makes Halupki every month, sitek, blood soup with homemade noodles and of the bone marrow it's so good. At Christmas, she makes all the Hunkie holiday food and bakes like nuts, I gain 30 lbs and live like a God of sorts. I'd marry that Hunkie wife all over again. You should hook up your sisters with some of the hunters on this site, then you could come hunting in the USA all the time.

    You Hungarians are a good bunch, keep up the good work.
  4. Old Grump

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    Feb 21, 2010
    Little hut in the woods near Blue River Wisconsin
    Hunter hit it on the head, what are you wanting to hunt, pheasant, red stag, roebuck, boar, mouflon? The game you hunt has its own preferences and you have to take that into account before you look at real estate or start setting up blinds to shoot from. Pick the wrong spot and all you will end up with is a pretty view and a nice look at song birds and rabbits.
  5. CHW2021

    CHW2021 Well-Known Member

    Feb 16, 2009
    What makes a good hunting ground is having the habitat for your game of choice, you need to give more information on the type of game and your disability.
    A ground blind should work for a wheelchair, if you can get to it.

    We would not know the terrain and your local laws, what is legal in South Louisiana would probably get you a trip to the local jail. More info please.
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