what powder dispenser to use?

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  1. gau17

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    Oct 22, 2008
    Hi guys,

    Im new to reloading and Im getting ready to get my equipment. I'm going to attempt to reload for my Remington 700 PSS .308. My question is which powder dispenser would you guys use? I'm planing to get a RCBS model 1010 scale and the redding powder trickler to get me closer to the correct grain amount needed.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. LDBennett

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    Dec 20, 2003
    Hesperia, CA
    Here's a few facts about delivering powder to cases:

    Exact powder measurement to the 0.1 grain level with a trickler is highly over rated. It turns out there are so many other varibles in reloading cartridges that are out of the reloaders control that the error of more that a couple of 0.1 grains is swamped out by them. A good powder measure along with a good scale are sufficient for good rifle cartridge accuracy. Throwing loads directly from a properly set up and calibrated powder measure is more than adequate for accurate reloading of rifle cartridges.

    Bench rest rifle competitors who get 100 yd five shot groups from the bench in the 0.100 to .200 inch or less size measure by volumn (as a powder measure does) without trickling.

    Any of the good powder measures with a baffle work just fine without trickling. I like my Redding Competiton BR-30 measure but the RCBS and Lyman and Hornady measures are good too. The Redding model I have delivers most accurately for loads around the 30 grain level but their regular model covers from 1 grain to 100 grains. The BR-30 can be used at other levels but it just works most accurately there and has a limited capacity of measure cavity. For a new reloader a more versatile measure might be a better choice.

    For scales the balance beam measures are probably more accurate but good digital scales are more than accurate enough if used correctly if they are from a major brand company (RCBS, Dillon, Lyman, Hornady). They are sensitive to wind currents in the reloading room (from open doors and the A/C / Heating ducts) and have a warm up period of a few minutes. But they are much faster to use to calibrate the powder measure. Once calibrated the loads being thrown from the measure only need to be checked occasionally. Some say every ten reloads but I find for my purposes that only checking it a couple of times during the reloading session is adequate.

    There are ball powders and extruded powders (look like tiny logs) and the ball powders measure the best through drum type powder measures. The long extruded grains can get caught in the measuring cavity during the delivery motion and upset the flow of the measuring and consequently the fine accuracy of delivery. I use either ball powders or short cut extruded powders that work fine for me. I find no advantage to using long cut extruded powders as their burning rates can be duplicated by one of the many ball powders in the market place. Hodgdon and Winchester are the sources of most ball powders and Hodgdon makes the short cut versions of IMR extruded powders that also work fine.

    The powder measures that I find un-reliable are the Lee measures. They are cheap and plastic and for general reloading are not the best to use. This is my opinion based on using them and the Lee measures I had are now gone and good riddance. Others may have different opinons but that's mine.

    The Classic reloader uses a measure and a trickler or one of the fancy combo scale trickler but new wisdom from experienced competitors and expert reloaders that write for major magazines says such pratices are wasted efforts. The new Advanced Reloading video from Handloader magazine points this out. For high accuracy reloads this video shows other approaches that really work, not just 1950's thinking on accurate powder measurements using tricklers and measurement of every load.

    You might want to consider the above before you buy any powder measurement system.


  3. artabr

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    Mar 3, 2008
    New Iberia, Louisiana

    I have a Premium and love it. It throws very consistent loads, even with long grain powders. It will not throw pistol size loads.
    The Redding BR 30 that L.D. speaks of is also a great dispenser. :)

  4. gau17

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    Oct 22, 2008
    wow thanks you both for taking your time to help me out. This site is so awesome. I've learned so much in the past two weeks.
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