what`s the best reloader for me?

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    Welcome to our addiction. As you can see there are a multitude of options. All the advice above is valid if not somewhat confusing for a newbie.

    I started with a single stage Pacific 007 about 38 years ago. That press served me very well for many years. I ran onto a RCBS Rockchucker and swapped, the green machine is heavier and a bit easier to use due to geometry than the old Pacific and it still gets a lot of use. However, nowadays 95% of my ammo comes off my Dillon RL550B. But progress is expensive so your budget should be a big part of your decision process.

    I suggest reading the stickies at the top of this reloading forum and maybe buying the ABCs of Reloading and Lyman's 50th. Both are invaluable resources as you learn.

    As far as equipment goes, my strong recommendation is to start with a kit that includes a scale, a powder measure and the basic case prep tools. All the manufacturers offer these and you can build your toolkit later based on your needs. You will also need a good caliper, this is an essential.

    Good luck, ask questions, don't use load data from unknown sources, take your time and be safe.
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    I'm going to suggest the Lee Classic Cast Turret press on a medium budget or the Dillon RL550C if your budget allows more.
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    Welcome to the wonderful and oft frustrating and confusing world of reloading...

    You've asked the $64,000 question and can get 64 different answers. Ninety-nine percent of the answers you get will be what the poster prefers/uses and no actual comparisons or tests. Not a bad thing just be aware. Also remember there are a lot of tools/equipment that may be suggested that are nice to have but not necessary (I reloaded for 12 years without a tumbler. I just wiped each case with a solvent dampened rag as I inspected it. No ruined dies and I could spot all defects in the case).

    Before you buy any equipment I recommend two things; one think K.I.S.S.! Second get a copy of The ABCs of Reloading. This text will tell you not only how to reload, but the equipment needed. Unless you have an unlimited budget, think about the item/tool before you buy it, it may be a nice tool, but is it necessary? (I have a primer pocket cleaner that has never seen the inside of a primer pocket. It's at least 25 years old).

    Go slow, double check everything, and most important, have fun...

    P.S. Most reloading forums have stickies concerning equipment for the beginner...
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    I have been loading since 1995 & recall when I was trying to decide how to get started. Really thought I wanted or should begin with single stage because so many advisors had that opinion. But then I found myself thinking: What if I really like this and get into it heavily? Ended up buying a Dillon RL550 B, which has recently become a C, I think. Learned on the 550 just as easily as a SS press, but had the advantage of loading faster if I wanted. I now load more than 14 calibers. But a few years ago, I decided to move my larger rifle loading to a Hornady Classic SS press, because I was only loading 20 rds at a time. For my high-volume shooting (all pistol rounds & 5.56/.223) I still load everything on the Dillon. Have been thinking I would like to upgrade my SS press to a turret though, if I do it will be with Redding T-7. Hope my experience and opinions give you some insight.
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    Welcome to the forum. I figure by now you feel like you have been forced to drink water from a firehose - I will offer this: go to a local outfitter who has many choices on display and touch and feel them see if one brand, one color, or one style just appeals to you. The least expensive brand is loved by many hated by many, the most expensive brand has a very loyal following but in this niche market, no one makes a bad product.

    Next ask around the local range, you are likely to find someone who reloads willing to show you how to set up and run rounds.

    It really comes down to how much you are willing to spend and how you assess value. Don't forget to check the want ads and estate sales, you may get lucky and find something used that exceeds your needs but for the price . . .

    Now that I have said that, I have a Forrester Co-Ax which I absolutely believe is the best single stage press in the world at any price. But that is just my .02.
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