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Since I got this new progressive press about 6 weeks ago, I have broken an indexing pawl and a case retaining spring.

Hornady Customer Service replaced these parts, and a few others including a bent primer alignment rod that was too short from the factory....

The replacement parts from Hornady took 5 business days to arrive at my home.

Anyway, so I am now going to stock a few extra parts for the press so I will not be down and not be able to reload for 5 or more days. Some of the parts are not easy to find, however.

I found the following from midwayusa:

* Decapping pins (four - die related)
* Indexing pawls (two)
* Shell holder case retaining springs (three)
* Powder measure spring (two)
* Primer shuttle spring (two)
* Hub assembly - aliminum (out of stock)

Are there any other spare parts I should have on hand? Is there a better place to get spare parts? Hornady does not sell directly to the public; right?

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