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What the heck is this thing?

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I picked this up in a gun trade somewhere, but I have no idea what it is, or what it is used for. Charging the pan on a flintlock perhaps? I don't have a clue, can you guys shed some light on this?


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its a oiler thats missing the nipple and the pan i think or very similar in shape to ones i've had over the years

a early no leak type of which there where many
My thought was a charger for priming the pan also.
If you fill it with powder the springy dingy won't be able to compress.:D
two types wick type

push type ( see the rod your missing ?)
goes through and blocks the hole until depressed and allows a small amount out

these ones are for model steam engines and replicate early steam era spring oilers

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Thank you Jack,
I'm going to put some oil in it and see how it works. The end of the pointy part, is closed and seems to fit snugly in the end cap, when under spring pressure. When I push it in, the taper creates a gap, but I won't know, till I try it with oil.
Maybe there is a rubber gasket missing between the end cap and the pointy thing. That should stop the oil till pressure is applied on the pointy thing.

I'll take this off line, as it's not really Black Powder stuff. Thanks guys for your input.
your missinga bit for that model the part that goes up the spout and gets pressed in tio let oil out without that oil will just flow
You got me to thinking Jack.
I took it to the shop and made a grommet for the tip. The tip is solid (closed) so the oil could only come out around the base. With the grommet on it, I put in some oil to see of it would work. It did. Push on the tip and oil seeps around the base and makes a little puddle where the tip is. Stop pushing and the oil stops. I've included a couple of pics. (I'm sending you a PM)


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heck should have read this before responding to your msg

you got it and how its supposed to work correctly too!! too thick and the oil floods out too slim and you get none

Just to confuse the issue, this one IS a pan or nipple primer:

It's full of 4F otherwise I would take it apart to show the inner workings..;)
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